The wicked boils ‘n ghouls over at BLOODY DISGUSTING have gotten their claws on some amazing exclusive footage from the special effects testing from the shooting of THE EXORCIST that has never been seen anywhere before (now).

From Bloody Disgusting:

The footage was provided by someone very special to us, who unfortuantely cannot be named.

Let me attempt to explain what you’re about to see (it will be broken into 3 parts with more “treats” coming in a few days!)…

This footage came from a 16mm print which was labeled as such: “Warner Bros color timed anamorphic test – The Exorcist.” The case had William Friedkin’s name hand written on the address label.

The following footage was shot on 35mm. This print was a 16mm reduction of the 35mm footage, probably intended to view tests at home or in the office.

The most interesting thing to my buddy is that this was shot SCOPE. As he explains, the camera slates in this footage list Friedkin as the director, so this leads one to assume Friedkin was originally going to shoot THE EXORCIST in scope. This footage, to the best of his knowledge, is totally unreleased anywhere and is the ONLY footage ever seen of THE EXORCIST set shot in scope. And it’s premiering exclusively right here on Bloody Disgusting!!!

He also believes that the man you sometimes see standing by the bed with a moustache is WILLIAM PETER BLATTY supervising the tests. (Note: this may appear in future videos I share next week.)

Another interesting thing you see in this footage is the ENTIRE ROOM is on some sort of device which makes it shake back and forth violently. Neither of us remember a scene in the finished movie where the entire room swivels around as if it is unhinged from the rest of the house…


Below you’ll find the first of 4 videos (shared over 3 days) in which we see some effects tests where Regan floats, and where she is being thrown around her bed. Frightening even in test footage!

So be sure to check back here, or Bloody Disgusting for further behind the scenes SFX tests from one of the most terrifying horror films of all time.

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