Ok, I’ve come across quite a bit of news over the past few days for the upcoming Halloween (remake) sequel from Rob Zombie.

First up, apparently WIERD AL IS GOING TO BE IN HALLOWEEN 2!?  Is he going to be playing himself?  Crazy.  Apparently, he’s on some talk show with Dr. Loomis as Loomis is hawkin’ his new book about Michael Meyers (seems like Loomis is milkin’ that Meyers kid for all he can get).  Check out the still below:

Below is an image of Meyers apparently all fucked up.  Fire, as in the original Halloween 2 you think?  Check it out:

Interesting as I’ve heard Michael isn’t even wearing the iconic mask throughout much of the film.  Something like 75% of the film we see Meyers sans-mask according to my sources.  We’ll see.  Explains Tyler Mane’s huge-ass beard somewhat.  Michael Meyers…Wild Man/Biker/Heavy Metal Frontman?

And finally, from Dread Central, some video interviews you may find interesting: