PLAYBOY, yes, THE Playboy is going to be, ahem, touching upon the sex appeal of vampires in their upcoming OCTOBER issue of the mag.  This from FANGO:

Given the success of the HBO series TRUE BLOOD and the THE TWILIGHT SAGA of books and films, there is no denying that pop culture today is enthralled with all things vampire. The October issue of Playboy seeks to explain this sexy phenomenon with a history of vampire lore accompanied by a seductive eight-page pictorial.
“Love Bites” offers historical insight into the sexualization of the vampire, beginning with Bela Lugosi’s compelling portrayal of Dracula, but it is the eight pages of accompanying photos that truly demonstrate the seductive power of bloodsuckers.
“At times it’s hard to see the blood for all the sex simmering below the surface,” says “Love Bites” writer Leslie Klinger of today’s fashionable vampire tales. But in Playboy, neither the blood nor the sex is hidden below any surface, as two gorgeous women reveal both the fear and the passion aroused by the undead.
The stunning pictorial, featuring Playboy Poland Playmate of the Year Kasia Danysz and Weronika Zurkowska, was first shot by photographer Szymon Brodziak for the March 2009 issue of Playboy Poland. While Klinger offers numerous historic and social explanations for audiences’ fascination with vampiric love, Brodziak’s photos prove that no matter what it is that attracts us, fangbanging has never looked so good.

I believe the October issue is already on stands now, so, what are ya waiting for, tit’s ‘n blood make everything better!  Go out ‘n get it!
Check out the Cover: