Freestyle Digital Media LLC (FDM) has acquired the rights to MUNGER ROAD, a tension filled suspense-thriller from Insomnia Productions that will debut on DVD, Digital Download and Video On-Demand September 11th, 2012.

From the Press Release:

Written and directed by Nicholas Smith, produced by Kyle Heller and starring Bruce Davison (“X-Men,” “Luck”), MUNGER ROAD takes place in a sleepy Midwestern town on a night when a group of teens explore the famed ‘Munger Road’ – a spot where a horrific tragedy occurred years earlier. Something terrible happens to the group, forcing the local police to acknowledge there is a returning killer lurking in the area as thousands of people converge on the town for the annual Scarecrow Festival.

Longer Synopsis:

On the evening of October 7th, four teenagers from the town of Saint Charles, Illinois venture out to a dark, mysterious road where local legend is that the train tracks have been haunted for years. Unbeknownst to them, while the small town prepares for their annual Scarecrow Festival the next day, a child murderer from the past has escaped imprisonment and his whereabouts are unknown. The Police Chief and his Deputy begin a search in fear that the murderer has returned home. At the same time; the teenagers become stuck on Munger Road… unable to call for help. As the police collect more suspicious evidence about the child murderer we slowly realize that the haunting of Munger Road is directly connected to his murderous past. The race is on as the Chief realizes the teenagers are missing and could be in grave danger. As the police search for both the killer and the kids…  they realize that the horror hasn’t even begun.

The film received a limited theatrical release in Chicago last year and received high praise, with Roger Ebert giving it three stars stating, “MUNGER ROAD does an efficient, skillful job of audience manipulation using the techniques of darkness and vulnerability, and the truth that a horror not seen is almost always scarier than the one you can see.”

For more information, keep checking the Official Site and Backwoods Horror for more information as it develops, with a review coming as soon as we can get our claws on it.