Depending on whether you’re still reading this page, you may or may not have missed my brilliant horror news, reviews, and everything in between. Well, I reckon I’ll tell ya! I’ve been writing. True, I haven’t been writing for BackwoodsHorror.com, but I have been working on a variety of screenplays (some spec, some revisions to the work of others). I’ve also found myself on the end of a variety of editorial work for blogs, websites, and magazines here in NYC. The majority of my work, however, has been on the research and writing of my own screenplays and teleplays. As much as I love keeping current on all the horror news and reviews out there, I’ve had to buckle down and focus on the various tasks at hand. That being said, I can’t stay away. I was once known as someone with a firm severed hand on the spurting pulse of horror, but I’ve fallen behind whilst trying to become a part of the genre I know and love. What? That’s right, I’m writing works of horror. The world doesn’t need more sappy drama and fart-joke comedies. The world needs some damn good horror! It may be hubris to think I’m the one to do it, but hells bells if I’m not going to try! Besides, it takes an amazing amount of confidence (real or imagined) to believe in yourself enough to push ahead and attempt to make your dreams a reality. I may crash and burn, true, but I’ll hate myself forever if I don’t try.

So what does this mean for the site? It has meant that I’ve been woefully absent, but I plan to rectify that very soon. I may not always be there to bring the freshest horror news kicking and screaming out of the ether, but reviews will definitely be coming. The first of which will be a review for DARK WAS THE NIGHT (see trailer below), a fitting Backwoods Horror film for my shallow dive back into reviews. I still have a second viewing before writing my thoughts on the film (as I always give a film two viewings before I feel able enough to have collected my wandering thoughts about the damn thing). I’m a little rusty writing anything non-fiction, but with a few scratches and a little blood, I’ll hopefully be back to my regular self again in that regard. Besides, I’ve spent almost 8 years keeping this site going. I’m not going to just let it die anytime soon. And even if I did, I’d dig it up and reanimate it to do my evil will…BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Er, um, yes, so stay tuned, kiddos!

Also, search on the site isn’t working for some goddamn reason or another. I’ll take the weekend and try to figure it out.