Ok, I was just browsing the Brad Dourif interview over at Bloody Good Horror and it prompted me to just come out and say that Brad Dourif is one of the most underrated actors of our time.  A perfect example would be his role in the first season of The X-Files episode Beyond The Sea.  It’s a shame really how he always finds himself in secondary roles wheras I’d LOVE to see him as the lead in a horror flick (of which he’s quite proficient).  I mean, if you were to look at his roster of roles over at IMDB, you’ll see just how varied his roles have been.  Readers of this site would probably recognize him in flicks like the original Child’s Play (in which he also played the voice of Chucky…throughout the entire run of the series), The Exorcist 3 (which, in some ways, I like better than the first).  I’m working on a few screenplays myself (he’d be perfect for the lead in one) and he always seems to be the first actor I come to, even before my fave Bruce Campbell.  Just the range of emotion he can pull off at the drop of a hat is astounding.  Check out a few YouTube vids below and click on the pic to lead you back to that Bloody Good Horror interview.  Brad Douriff’s the man!