Man it is EVIL DEAD CENTRAL over here. A while back, we heard rumblings that Sam Raimi was working on a screenplay for a sequel to ARMY OF DARKNESS, and now we have confirmation from Groovy Bruce Campbell that ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 IS A GO!

Recently, according to, Bruce Campbell was at the Wizard World Nashville Comic Con on Friday, and while there, a fan popped the question, “Are you going to make a sequel to Army of Darkness?

Campbell’s response was as follows;

The last one was twenty-two years ago. I just haven’t been racing to do it. Sam Raimi is just a little bit busy making the biggest movies in Hollywood. I used to be busy. Now I’m not. That’s why I’m here.

Ash would have to stop occasionally from chasing some deadite to catch his breath. Maybe we could do that, I guess. That would be exciting. Fight in a walker. That would be alright. Hit them with my cane. Fake them out, have a fake heart attack, distract a zombie. I like it.

Campbell finally came clean on a serious note;

Alright sir, the answer is yes.

(And Now The Obligatory “Groovy”)

Groovy Evil Dead Ash Groovy Gif


Born June 22, 1958 (the youngest of 3 brothers) in Royal Oak, Michigan, Bruce (Don’t Call Me Ash) Campbell is 54 today. Known famously for playing Ash (Ashley J. Williams) in the EVIL DEAD franchise, he’s also guest starred in a variety of Sam Raimi’s other films (though not as much as “that damn car”). I was a big fan of his starring role as Brisco County Jr. in the aptly titled The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. when I was younger, and watched Hercules Xena specifically hoping his character Autolycus, the best character on the show, would show up. More recently he’s had a starring role in the film, playing a parody version of himself, MY NAME IS BRUCE, and a consistent role in the successful (for whatever reason, probably because he’s in it) show Burn Notice.

He’s had a long and varied career portraying a variety of characters from good to bad, dramatic to laughable, and will continue to go on playing memorable characters for some time to come. I’ve been a fan since watching THE EVIL DEAD as a very young (maybe a little too young) child on video, and I’ll probably always be a fan. I hope you have a Groovy Birthday, Mr. Campbell.



If you’re anything like me, when the original BOOK OF THE DEAD editions of THE EVIL DEAD, and EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN hit shelves, you were first in line to rush out and add them to your collection, giving them their own particular place amongst your shelf as the works of art they are. And then we waited for what we believed to be the next in the series with ARMY OF DARKNESS, but it never came. For years we’ve waited, our hopes and dreams waning as the years went on. Finally, however, the wait is over. Australian distribution company Via Vision is pleased to announce the release of Sam Raimi’s ARMY OF DARKNESS: THE NECRONOMICON EDITION for $49.95 (totally worth it) as a triple-disc DVD and Blu-Ray set on June 6th, 2012. And yes, boils ‘n ghouls, I’m crapping myself with anticipation.

For more information about perhaps the most fantastically awesome news I’ve heard all year, we turn to Australian source Michael DVD:

The boxed set that boasts the third and final instalment of the much beloved Evil Dead film cycle, Army
of Darkness: The Necronomicon contains both versions of Army of Darkness (Theatrical and irector’s Cut), a litany of special features and comes packaged in a one-off deluxe presentation. In addition to the high definition original theatrical release offered on Blu-ray this volume also includes DVD versions of the theatrical and director’s cut, 12 hand drawn pages from the Book of the Dead and extras all housed in a collectable rubber Necronomicon pack. Bonus materials are many and include original drawings, documentary, ‘Creating the Deadites’, which explores the creation of the ground breaking visual effects, alternate ending, deleted scenes and audio commentary with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell who also provide comments and recollections for the director’s cut and deleted scenes.

“This is a great event with which Via Vision is naturally excited to be associated with,” says Nick
Wayman, Via Vision Entertainment Executive. “The release is packed with materials that make this a
must have for fans who love the Evil Dead trilogy, action and horror buffs and collectors of modern
film classics.” Via Vision will be releasing Army of Darkness: The Necronomicon through its distributor Madman Entertainment, and it will be available at retailers everywhere. 

This is going right at the TOP of my WANT IT NOW list! Be sure to check back here at Backwoods Horror as more information and specifications develop on this incredible release. Wow!


Evil Dead Lawyers

Renaissance Pictures, created in 1979 by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell in order to make the horror classic The Evil Dead, is suing Award Pictures over the Evil Dead trademark and rights to make the sequel. Award Pictures claim statements made in the 2000 book The Evil Dead Companion by Raimi and Tapert wherein they said “We’re never going to do a sequel,” are proof that The Evil Dead trademark was abandoned, leaving it up for grabs to anyone ready, willing, and able to carry on the franchise.

With all this in mind, Award Pictures had their sights set on making a fourth Evil Dead film titled Evil Dead 4: Consequences. Not so fast, says Raimi, who was already working on co-writing and co-producing an Evil Dead remake for Sony Pictures and FilmDistrict. Both Renaissance and Award Pictures are claiming they own the rights to the trademark, with Award’s film interfering with Raimi’s remake. Bring in the lawyers!

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Renaissance says in its lawsuit that fans “have long been eager for another installment,” and Raimi finally announced last year he would co-write and co-produce a remake of the original. Shortly before the announcement, Renaissance went to the U.S. Trademark Office to register the mark.

One problem.

After Renaissance did so, an objection was filed by Award Pictures, which says it has been preparing its own Evil Dead film. The company says that Renaissance’s hold on “Evil Dead” was abandoned and thus, Award Pictures should be deemed as being a prior user.

Award Pictures goes on to say that even if Evil Dead was a valid mark upon the release of the first film, the sequels can’t be counted as continued use because they were both “works for hire” and “single works.” Additionally, the company points to 20 other motion pictures that have used Evil Dead within their title over the years, saying that Renaissance has exhibited “uncontrolled, unregulated and undefended use of Evil Dead.” Finally, Award says Renaissance’s purported trademark claims constitute a defrauding of others in the entertainment industry.

Renaissance struck back this week with a lawsuit against Award Pictures, saying it indeed has used its mark, for example licensing Evil Dead video games, dolls, clothing, memorabilia, comic books, etc.

According to the lawsuit, “As a result of Renaissance’s use of the Evil Dead mark and the cult success of the films and related products, the Evil Dead mark has acquired enormous value, has become famous among the relevant consuming public and motion picture trade and is recognized as identifying and distinguishing Renaissance exclusively and uniquely as the source of goods sold and services provided under the Evil Dead mark.”

Renaissance says Award Pictures’ planned film entitled Evil Dead 4: Consequences, is intended to cause confusion to consumers and that the key plot elements and character names “would inevitably infringe Renaissance’s copyright rights in The Evil Dead.”

Alleging trademark infringement, false advertising and injury to business reputation, Renaissance is asking for an injunction against further infringement and further monetary damages.

So what does this mean for the fans? Whomever wins, we lose. A fourth installment in the Evil Dead franchise slapped together by an unheard of production house without the cooperation of anyone involved in the first three films would be atrocious. That being said, the forthcoming obvious cash grab of a remake not featuring Bruce Campbell, not directed by Sam Raimi, and co-written by the infamous Diablo Cody is going to be pure, undiluted crap on a stick. My suggestion? Pop in your copy of the superior original, bask in all its glory, and just forget anything that comes after Army Of Darkness.



Dubbed the “Screwhead Edition,” an Army of Darkness Blu-Ray will be coming to us soon now that rights for the film have reverted back to Universal.  This from Shock Till You Drop:

Now that the rights for Army of Darkness have reverted back to Universal (from Anchor Bay Entertainment), its home video division has announced a Blu-Ray “Screwhead Edition” for May 19th. Special features will include the alternate ending, deleted scenes, The Men Behind the Army featurette, extra footage, theatrical trailer and audio commentary with director Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Ivan Raimi. Exclusive to Blu-Ray: My Scenes, BD-Live and the ability to access production photos during the movie experience.

Another reason for me to look towards finally getting a Blu-Ray player.  I just have this…issue with Blu-Ray discs, the quality of the image onscreen.  Sometimes it looks like crystal clear film, absolutely stunning, and then, at times, it looks as though a high definition soap opera of sorts.  It’s weird how the image switches back and forth and absolutely ruins the viewing experience for me.  I’m not sure if it’s like this with older films, as I’ve only seen newer films in Blu-Ray.  We’ll see.  Wave of the Future and all that.