Born June 22, 1958 (the youngest of 3 brothers) in Royal Oak, Michigan, Bruce (Don’t Call Me Ash) Campbell is 54 today. Known famously for playing Ash (Ashley J. Williams) in the EVIL DEAD franchise, he’s also guest starred in a variety of Sam Raimi’s other films (though not as much as “that damn car”). I was a big fan of his starring role as Brisco County Jr. in the aptly titled The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. when I was younger, and watched Hercules Xena specifically hoping his character Autolycus, the best character on the show, would show up. More recently he’s had a starring role in the film, playing a parody version of himself, MY NAME IS BRUCE, and a consistent role in the successful (for whatever reason, probably because he’s in it) show Burn Notice.

He’s had a long and varied career portraying a variety of characters from good to bad, dramatic to laughable, and will continue to go on playing memorable characters for some time to come. I’ve been a fan since watching THE EVIL DEAD as a very young (maybe a little too young) child on video, and I’ll probably always be a fan. I hope you have a Groovy Birthday, Mr. Campbell.


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