Son of legendary Horror Maestro GEORGE A. ROMERO,  G. CAMERON ROMERO’s second fright feature (runner up to the unreleased THE SCREENING) STAUNTON HILL will be receiving its feature release on DVD October 6th (along with the long awaited TRICK ‘R TREAT) from Anchor Bay Entertainment.  he story follows a group of hikers who unwittingly become involved with a backwoods family by the name of Staunton.  Obviously, because this is a horror flick, things go downhill like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  I first talked about this film last July (Check it Out HERE).  But here’s some more details from our fiends over at FANGORIA:

Scripted by David Rountree (who also co-stars), STAUNTON HILL is set at the titular locale in the middle of a remote mountain area. A group of hikers arrive for a weekend jaunt and wind up on the Staunton family property—and needless to say, this twisted bunch doesn’t take kindly to trespassers, setting out to stalk and kill them. The junior Romero’s second fright feature after the as-yet unreleased THE SCREENING, STAUNTON HILL also toplines Kathy Lamkin (Tea Lady from the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake and its prequel), Cristen Coppen, Kiko Ellsworth, Christine Carlo, Paula Rhodes, Charlie Bodin, B.J. Hendricks and THE FUNHOUSE’s Cooper Huckabee; the makeup FX were created by Kevin Kirkpatrick, Dustin Heald and Mike Rotella. No special features have been announced for the disc, which carries a retail price of $19.97.

Below is a little DVD art.  I’m actually looking forward to this release!




A new trailer for Michael Dougherty’s upcoming anthology of good ‘ol Halloween carnage, TRICK ‘R TREAT has hit the web courtesy of Fangoria.   The DVD and BLU-RAY are set for release on October 6th, 2009 after quite a long delay thanks to Warner Bros. (nearly 3 years).  Check out the trailer below:

Trick ‘r Treat is set on Halloween night with 4 terrifying tales of the supernatural interwoven throughout.  This synopsis from Fango:

A high school principal (DYLAN BAKER) moonlights as a vicious serial killer; the quest of a young virgin (ANNA PAQUIN) for that special someone takes a gruesome turn; a group of teens carries out a cruel prank with disastrous consequences; and a cantankerous old man (BRIAN COX) battles a mischievous trick-or-treating demon.


For any squealing 12 year old girls (or sick sick 42 year old men) out there, I just happened to come across the new trailer for the upcoming flick in the TWILIGHT saga, NEW MOON.  If you’re a 12 year old girl or a flaming homo, you should love this trailer.  Check it out below:



PLAYBOY, yes, THE Playboy is going to be, ahem, touching upon the sex appeal of vampires in their upcoming OCTOBER issue of the mag.  This from FANGO:

Given the success of the HBO series TRUE BLOOD and the THE TWILIGHT SAGA of books and films, there is no denying that pop culture today is enthralled with all things vampire. The October issue of Playboy seeks to explain this sexy phenomenon with a history of vampire lore accompanied by a seductive eight-page pictorial.
“Love Bites” offers historical insight into the sexualization of the vampire, beginning with Bela Lugosi’s compelling portrayal of Dracula, but it is the eight pages of accompanying photos that truly demonstrate the seductive power of bloodsuckers.
“At times it’s hard to see the blood for all the sex simmering below the surface,” says “Love Bites” writer Leslie Klinger of today’s fashionable vampire tales. But in Playboy, neither the blood nor the sex is hidden below any surface, as two gorgeous women reveal both the fear and the passion aroused by the undead.
The stunning pictorial, featuring Playboy Poland Playmate of the Year Kasia Danysz and Weronika Zurkowska, was first shot by photographer Szymon Brodziak for the March 2009 issue of Playboy Poland. While Klinger offers numerous historic and social explanations for audiences’ fascination with vampiric love, Brodziak’s photos prove that no matter what it is that attracts us, fangbanging has never looked so good.

I believe the October issue is already on stands now, so, what are ya waiting for, tit’s ‘n blood make everything better!  Go out ‘n get it!
Check out the Cover:



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In case you weren’t aware, I’m not the biggest fan of ELI ROTH over here at BACKWOODSHORROR.COM.  It may have something to do with the fact that he’s gone from fan of the genre to pompous ass who thinks he can do no wrong.  That’s right, HOSTEL (1 & 2) can lick my nuts.  He makes terrible, derivative garbage and thinks we should all bow down to his sorry ass.  Well, now he’s gone and put his face out there for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).  In addition to this more than likely HURTING PETA’s image more than helping it, we get another glimpse at just what a hippy shitbag he really is.  “Awwww, don’t hurt da widdle aminals!”
I wonder how much animal testing is done for the massive amount of hair gel the man uses on a daily basis…


Check out this clip from the upcoming Megan Fox/Diablo Cody vehicle JENNIFER’S BODY!


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Hey there boils ‘n ghouls.  As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t updated BACKWOODSHORROR.COM for a while now.  This is because, well, my prized MacBook had an unfortunate, let’s say, run-in with a glass of Chocolate Milk that may or may not have had a large quantity of alcohol within it’s murky, yet delicious depths.  The tasty beverage somehow came into contact with the motherboard of said beautiful machine and, well, that’s all she wrote.  I lost the most recent Backwoods Horrorshow and a computer I absolutely adored.  I’ll have to get another, so, until then, expect updates to be somewhat more sporadic than usual.  I’ll probably have to use my work lappy, as I’m doing now.  I have some reviews to put up at some point in the very near future, including one for Rob Zombie’s latest epic, Halloween 2, which, I may add, I actually enjoyed from a certain standpoint.

My apologies.

Please say a prayer as my beloved MacBook passes through those dark gates in the forest of the dead to find peace with its forbears…crying is acceptable as well.  COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF TEARS, PEOPLE!!!

I may have to replace it with a PC, which, really, makes me feel a little sick, but it’s cheaper and I just don’t have the cash right now for another MacBook…which, well, I got for free the first time.

See you all in the land of horror very soon!