You may have noticed that we’ve been gone over the month of November. After the witching season of Halloween, things tend to calm down in the world of horror so, instead of being bored out of our wits, we took the month off to reflect on all things horror and the state of the genre. Sadly, we didn’t miss much. But now we’re back, risen anew from our charnel abodes to spread terror throughout the land…er…well…the internet anyway. What little news we have to report on from the past month we’ll get up right away, and of course we’ll continue to pass along to you, dear boils ‘n ghouls, all the horror news, reviews, and everything in between that’s fit to print (though, admittedly, December has always been a slow month for horror as well. Still, a month’s a month and that’s been long enough.). We’re back. Jooooooin Uuuussssss….

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