Ok boils ‘n ghouls, it looks as though the internet is back up and running in the new Backwoods Horror offices and we’re nearly done packing. Time to get caught up on all the horror news, reviews, and everything in between that’s fit to print. We got a blu-ray & DVD of the Unrated Director’s Cut of KILLER JOE in the mail the other day, so expect a review for that film coming soon, along with a review for THE TURNPIKE KILLER, SLAUGHTER TALES, and PROJECT OCTOBER (all three made by local NY/Brooklyn filmmakers, THE TURNPIKE KILLER being produced by New York Horror Film Productions, and written and directed by Evan Makrogiannis – who has a son of oh about 13 or so who also has a werewolf film on the discc I’ll also review…it’s fantastic to see budding indie horror filmmakers). SLAUGHTER TALES, by the way, was made by a (I believe)  15 year old young filmmaker named Johnny Dickie, who also does all the special effects makeup, so it’ll be a joy to see his work.

There is a lot of talent coming out of this area in the indie horror arena. I recently attended a small screening of a few indie horror shorts and a revival of SLUGS (and carried away a signed poster), called the NEW YORK CITY HORROR AND EXPLOITATION FILM FESTIVAL in Astoria. I believe it was the first of many to come and I look forward to being invited back again.

Anyway, that’s all for now. This time of year is SLOW for horror news so it doesn’t look like I missed much, but you can bet your bloody arse I’ll get it up on the site.

Keep it Creepy,

Aaron J. Howell

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