Update: Halloween 3-Disc Super Deluxe Edition…If Anyone Cares…

Posted on 10th July 2008 by aaron in News - Tags: , , , ,

A little while back, I wrote about the 3-Disc Unrated edition of Rob Zombie’s Shiny Shitfest (Halloween Remake), was going to be released on October 7th (October 21st for Blu-Ray).  Well, the boys over at Fango got their hands on the cover art.  I know, I know, who gives a shit, right, but it’s a slow day and I figured since I already wrote about it once, I might as well keep up on the updates.  Like I said before, it’s the nearly 5-hour making-of documentary I’m interested in, if nothing more than watching what it was like to shoot the thing, as I’m an aspiring filmmaker myself.  Anyhow, click the pic to take you to the Fango site if you want to learn more about what you’ll be getting if you buy the thing.

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