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Arrow In The Head recently got their claws on the trailer for William Brent Bell’s (THE DEVIL INSIDE) upcoming werewolf film WER, and now, boils ‘n ghouls, we’ve got it up here on Backwoods Horror. While I wasn’t really the biggest fan of The Devil Inside, my favorite movie monster (as you all probably know by now) is the werewolf, so any news on a new werewolf film and I can’t help but be drawn to it…even if the trailer screams “stay away” with its overabundance of CGI and the werewolf itself looking more like a hairy hobo than the bi-pedal wolf from hell I hold near and dear to my heart.


Following the brutal slaying of an American family vacationing in rural France, a peculiar man living near the crime scene is blindly charged with their murders. Believing her client is innocent, expatriate American defense attorney Kate Moore and her team decide to take a scientific approach in order to prove his physical incapability to local authorities.  As she delves into his enigmatic family history, she uncovers evidence that suggests the rebirth of an unexpected legend.  When a bloodbath ensues, Kate must do whatever she can to survive the surrounding terror and prevent the chaos from spreading. A.J. Cook, Simon Quarterman and Brian J. O’Connor star.

FilmDistrict was reportedly going to distribute, however, the trailer leads with an eOne Entertainment card suggesting that company may have taken over distribution duties. While I’m sick to death of found-footage horror films, the format could lend itself well to a werewolf film. I’m not entirely certain, however, that this will be the one. Still, they had me at Werewolf, so keep checking back here for more information as it develops.

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