The TRICK ‘R TREAT Saga Continues

Posted on 24th August 2008 by aaron in Uncategorized - Tags: , ,

Well now, according to they boys over at Shock Till You Drop, TRICK ‘R TREAT IS still with Warner Brothers, though now it’d seem that they’re going to release it directly to DVD.  FUCK A DUCK, MAN, DVD?  If any flick the dumbass mofos over at WB had their grubby little mitts on DESERVED theatrical release it’d be Trick ‘R Treat.  Jeez.  Click a link or two above for more info. on the movie.  I’m just tired of this back and forth bullshit.  Anyway, I suppose I’d should be happy that I’d be getting anything at all.  No realease date on the dvd yet, but stay tuned: same bat time, same bat channel, and I’m sure I’ll be passing along that information.

More to come including a retrospective on Joe Bob Briggs, one of the most awesome southern horror personalities around and always a friend to The Backwoods Horror crew.

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