Howdy Boils ‘n Ghouls! The great Backwoods Horror Fundraiser is in full swing right now and we’re trying to raise some money to make the site a bit more presentable (technical mumbo jumbo that I’m assured is important as our numbers keep growing). I just wanted to Alert you to some fantastic items up for sale (and auction) on eBay right now with all proceeds going to Backwoods Horror. Check ’em out below before they’re all gone!

We’ve got a copy of the out-of-print STEPHEN THROWER book NIGHTMARE USA on Auction right now starting at $150 with a buy it now price of $200. This is CHEAP folks, and it’s in perfect condition, so get it while you can!

Nightmare USA Book

Next up is a DAWN OF THE DEAD POSTER BOOK SIGNED BY GEORGE ROMERO & TOM SAVINI up for Auction starting at $70 with a buy it now price of $100. These things are rare, folks, and rarer to have been signed by both Romero AND Savini!

Dawn Of The Dead Poster Book Signed George Romero Tom Savini

Next up is a First Edition, First Printing, in factory condition of Bruce Campbell’s autobiography IF CHINS COULD KILL, Signed by Ash himself, Bruce Campbell! This is going for a measly $80. I might as well be giving this stuff away!

If Chins Could Kill

If Chins Could Kill Bruce Signature

And last up on the auction block isn’t something necessarily horror related (except for the director), a Lord of the Rings Guide by Brian Sibley SIGNED by Peter Jackson & Fran Walsh in perfect condition starting at Auction for $70 with a buy it now price of $100. I’ve never seen another like it anywhere signed by both the director and writer of the films. Get it now and help Backwoods Horror out in the process!

Lord Of the Rings Guide

Peter Jackson Signature

Fran Walsh Signature

Please go check these items out and if you want ’em, get your hands on ’em fast! You’ll be adding a few gems to your collection and helping a worthy cause at the same time! Thanks so very much for your looking!

Keep It Creepy!

Aaron J. Howell

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