The Backwoods Horrorshow episode 2 is up and ready for your downloading goodness.  Click on the link if you want to listen to it in your browser, or right click and click “save link as” to download it to your comprutah, you know, if you want to listen to it on your ipod or whatever mp3 device you use.  Check it out!


  1. Heeeeey….Im from the durty south too. I know what you mean When you say accent. Thats when you talk funny right? Listen hear I know you think all this gobbledy gook mumbo jumbo bullshit is a joke but its not. you think its funny when those people get all cut up on those movies……dont you. like…hey Im mr. Backwoods and I like to stick in the nife and and twist and see whats goin on in there. That one guys ounds like he is from paris or something.

    Just Kidding man. This is a good site. You know what would be a kickass movie…
    Zombie Rabid Fuzzy Critters from Somewhere. You know, kind of like pet sematary, except not localized. I’m talking about flesh eating cuddlies all around the globe.
    Honestly, I think a Diablo flick is definately a good movie idea. Combine the backdrop story (as better explained in Diablo II). with some of the key antagonists from the game(s) (I happen to think that you could mesh certain aspects of the two games. But they should keep the focus on the events of tristram, and put the brothers diabolic into the Tristram Labyrinth, with Baal escaping to the North. Make the main character the Warrior with the other two as support team Can everyone say “Multiplayer, like over” in unison? Just keep the underling blade fodder in the game confined to acting as soldiers for the trio to battle.) You could have a real winner combining great action and horror. Sweet, sweet demonic possesion…

    ~Adam ~\-_-/~

    Comment by Joey Chestnut — October 16, 2008 @ 7:58 pm

  2. Adam, you nerd. Ha. I accidentally deleted your second comment. I was hitting the spam button like mad cause I had so much of it and ran into your group of comments before I knew what was goin’ on. A Diablo movie WOULD be a good idea, but think about it. You’d probably get Resident “Paul W.S. Anderson” Evil directing it and it’d be all about the upcoming 3rd installment as opposed to sticking to the original mythology. Blah. Didja listen to the show? Liked it eh?

    Later bro’.

    Oh, I figured out what you could get me for my Birthday…a Blu-Ray player. heh. Just Kiddin’. Unless you fall into a pile of money or something.

    Comment by aaron — October 18, 2008 @ 11:16 pm

  3. Yeah, I listened to the show. Hence the reference to partying, “like your old roomate did!” I just love to party. Actually, I dont think we would be blessed with a director like the director of resident evil. I suspect a very “Uwe Boles” outing on said film. He loves to trash game movies.

    Diablo 3 actually looks pretty good. Some of the art looks kind of WoW-ish though. Might be pretty good. Meaning to get over there sometime. Oh well, back to work. Later


    Comment by Joey Chestnut — October 23, 2008 @ 12:25 pm

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