See, here’s the thing, I’m torn on this one.  On one side, I’m REALLY FUCKING STOKED ABOUT ZOMBIELAND, coming to us October 9th, 2009.  I mean, it’s Zombies and Woody Harrelson (who I dig in just about everything he’s done).  But then there’s that aspect of a rather high budget which always, for me anyway, seems to spell disaster for any zombie flick.  LAND OF THE DEAD anyone?  Ah, fuck it, you say ZOMBIES and I’m there with my Shotgun, Machete, and sixer of beer!  Here’s some information about the flick from the good boils ‘n ghouls over at Shock Till You Drop:

Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin play band of survivors who team to fight the living dead in the post-apocalyptic Southwest after a zombie plague ravages America.

The official synopsis: Columbus (Eisenberg) has made a habit of running from what scares him. Tallahassee (Harrelson) doesn’t have fears. If he did, he’d kick their ever-living ass. In a world overrun by zombies, these two are perfectly evolved survivors. But now, they’re about to stare down the most terrifying prospect of all: each other.

Fuck Yes, I’m seein’ this one!


Came across some video on YouTube from Entertainment Tonight showing footage from Zombie’s upcoming Halloween 2.  Check it out!


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Just came across this story over at Dread Central:

Rejoice zombie fans! Word has it that the godfather of the zombie genre, George A. Romero, is gearing up to bring us more of his pitch-perfect brand of undead mayhem in a startling new form.

Romero is in the final stages of negotiations with Grand Central Publishing of New York to bring fans two original novels that take place within the Dead universe.

To say that Romero is an authority on the modern-day zombie is a bit of an understatement. In fact I’d hazard to say there’s no one else on the planet more qualified to write a zombie book than George. The debut novel will brings fans exactly what they’ve been craving as it will feature Romero laying down the ground rules of the zombie epidemic right from the beginning of the end. Looks like we may even get a chance to find out why these things got up and started feasting.

Grand Central is set to publish the first book in the summer of 2010, with a second book to follow sometime after that. Look for more details on the books as soon as we get them.

Looks fucking sweet!  Better get my readin’ eyes out for these!


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Something I’m much more interested in than H2, let me tell ‘ya.  Looks like Zombie’s gonna return to Devil’s Rejects form with this one.  Keep your peepers here for more.

From MTV:

“It’s not a horror movie,” explained Zombie. “It’s like an incredibly violent ’70s action movie. I can’t think of anything that’s like it. Just a gritty, gnarly, violent movie. But it’s not a horror movie in any way.”

“It’s sort of like a cross between that Dustin Hoffman movie ‘Straight Time’ mixed with ‘Raging Bull’… sort of,” said Zombie. “I want to make a serious movie about this washed-up prizefighter who’s got this self-destructive tendency, and he comes out of prison and the only way he knows how to survive is by fighting.”

Added Zombie, “But his boxing career is over so he gets caught up in this sort of underground fight ring. But it’s all set in the ’70s, so it’s not like an ‘Ultimate Fighting’ type thing. It’s more like just nasty. It’s like if ‘Every Which Way But Loose’ was a serious movie. How about that? Minus the orangutan.”


I should say “Halloween REMAKE THAT SUCKED SHIT Sequel.”  In any case, below is the first pic from the upcoming redux sequel in which we find that Michael Myers is indeed Grizzly Fucking Adams.  What…the…fuck…is…THAT?  Is that supposed to be a mask or has Michael Myers become a mountain man?  Check it out for yourself and see.


More than likely.  As much of a Romero mark as I am, I can’t get behind his latest effort Diary Of The Dead.  It, well, it was just awful and it didn’t really FEEL like a Romero Zombie flick.  The characters weren’t well defined and the social commentary that generally permeates the original trilogy, one of the aspects that made them so damn good, was just slapping you in the face on this one.  Sorry Uncle George, that one was a real stinker.

Dimension Extreme, the company that brought us Diary of the Dead on DVD is also bringing us another film in the same vein, the UK’s ZOMBIE DIARIES, and I’ve got to say, this one looks like a winner.  It’s being hailed as the best zombie flick to come out of the UK…ever (let’s remember that 28 Days Later was NOT a zombie movie, it was a plague movie).  This is what Dread Central got out of Co-Director Michael Bartlett:

“Instead of making it a ‘documentary,’ we felt the Blair Witch format worked better — i.e., people trying to hurriedly document what they could for posterity. We saw a lot of areas that could be improved with this format, too.

For example, our film has music (which seems initially counter-intuitive but works a treat) and does not have annoying sequences with characters constantly arguing with each other. We also broke the story up and shot in Pulp Fiction style. It jumps across time lines and stories and does a pretty neat job of keeping the viewer’s attention, which we felt one single story wouldn’t achieve.

I made sure we did lots of [rehearsing] for this film and combined [that] with complete back-stories for the characters, as well as improv based around a script.


We also then cut the film to pieces in the editing suite. Kevin is a fantastic editor, and we put our egos aside and made sure we were blunt with one another from the scripting right through to the editing. Any dodgy exposition had to be axed. This had to be so real that you felt you were in this genuine ‘zombie world.’ Obviously we had to strike a balance, as at the end of the day this film is entertainment. I think we did that well, but time will tell if we did a good job. We had Mike Peel (The Descent) working on our special effects with two other great artists, and [everything] certainly comes across as very believable, even under the unforgiving eyes of a DV camera.”

This is the summary from Shock Till You Drop: Set in England during a world-wide viral infection, this documentary-style frightfest records the rise of the undead from the videocams of several survivor groups. As each struggles against the flesh-eating hordes, an even more horrifying fate lurks among them.

Granted, I’ve only seen the trailer and some stills, but it looks pretty damn kickass.  Take a look at the trailer and poster below. 

Release Date is set for November 18th, 2008, so mark your Zombie calendars!  And While you’re here, be sure to click the link to your right for The Backwoods Horrorshow podcast!

Keep it creepy!


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One of my continuous sources of creamy horror goodness, Shock Till You Drop, released some info. on the upcoming George A. Romero Zombie flick…and guess what, it’s not a sequel to the abysmal Diary Of The Dead.  Seems like it’s gonna be an entirely original flick in his Zombie canon.  The most information they’ve got thus far is that it’s going to take place on an island.  Not a huge scoop, but stay tuned boils ‘n ghouls because as soon as I know more, you’ll know more!
This probably explains why he postponed his visit to Charlotte, NC (nearby stompin’ grounds for yours truly). 

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Zombie Strippers On DVD October 28th

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The indy pic Zombie Strippers is coming to haunt video store shelves on October 28th.  For those not in the know:

“The film opens with a news montage explaining that it is set in the near future where the Bush Administration has been elected to a fourth term, shut down the United States Congress, instituted a ban on public nudity, and is embroiled in a war with Iraq, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Canada, and an independent Alaska. To support the war effort, a secret laboratory in Sartre, Nebraska has developed a virus to re-animate dead marines and send them back into battle. However, the virus has broken containment and infected test subjects and scientists are at risk of escaping the lab. A team of marines codenamed the “Z” Squad is sent in to destroy the zombies, but one of the marines named Byrdflough (Zak Kilberg) is bitten and escapes. The infected marine ends up in an alley outside an underground strip club named Rhino. The marine dies and awakens as a zombie that goes into the club.

Rhino is run by Ian Essko (Robert Englund). A new stripper named Jessy has arrived at the club to save up enough money for her grandmother’s operation. She is introduced to the club’s star dancer, an intellectual stripper named Kat (Jenna Jameson). Kat begins her dance on the stage, but is attacked by Byrdflough, who ends up biting and infecting her. Essko is concerned about losing his best dancer, so he lets her go back on stage as a zombie. To everyone’s surprise, Kat is a better and more popular dancer as a zombie than she was as a human.

The other strippers now find themselves faced with the prospect of losing their customers, since the men now prefer zombie strippers instead of human strippers. One by one, the human strippers become zombies, some by choice in order to compete or (in the case of a Goth stripper Lillith played by Roxy Saint) for fun. During private dances, the zombie strippers bite and kill their customers. Essko tries to keep the zombies hidden in a cage in the club’s cellar, but eventually, the zombies escape and overrun the club. The strippers fight each other for supremacy, which includes a moment where Kat shoots ping-pong and billiard balls out of her vagina at her opponent.

The remaining humans in the club struggle to survive until the “Z” Squad burst in to destroy the zombies. But they discover that the zombies were allowed to escape by the Bush administration, who hoped that the ensuing zombie plague would distract the population from the war and the economy.”–From Wikipedia

Sounds like this flick is going to be full of horror comedy cheese.  I mean, Zombies AND Strippers…how can it go wrong?  We’ll see on October 28th.  Check out the Trailer below: