THIS from Shock Till You Drop:

“Exciting times.” So says “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman on his Twitter account. Why?

AMC just gave the green light to the television adaptation of “The Walking Dead”! This means Frank Darabont will be moving behind the camera soon to direct the pilot he penned.

Darabont was attached to the property last summer. Genre lover and producer Gale Anne Hurd is overseeing the series with Circle of Confusion.

If all goes according to plan, Darabont may be neck-deep in the undead this spring or summer telling the story of Rick Grimes, a cop who awakens in a hospital one day to find zombies have overrun the world.

In an interview last fall, Kirkman said, “I’ve told Frank flat-out that I do not want him to follow the comic to the detriment of the show. I encourage him to veer off if he has something that will work really well on TV that wouldn’t work in a comic. I don’t want people who enjoy the comic to be watching the TV show and going, ‘Oh, this is leading to that one thing I already know about from the comic.'”

Can’t wait to see what he does…