If I had to choose my favorite classic horror monster, it’d have to be the Werewolf. Vampires have become so droll over the years with their whining and emo hair. There’s just something about werewolves that’ve always tickled my horror bone (it may have a lot to do with watching that show WEREWOLF growing up) and I’ll watch just about any werewolf flick, no matter what…even if I can’t pronounce its name correctly. Such is the case with Ukranian werewolf film SYNEVIR, which has been flying under my (and many other people’s) radars until recently when it was accepted at a US film festival and a poster and subtitled trailer hit the web (you can check those out below).

This from Shock Till You Drop:

The 6th Annual B-Movie Celebration’s Film Festival in Columbus, Indiana is welcoming the Ukrainian horror film Syvenir next month and a English sub-titled trailer has found its way online.

Directed by Alexandr and Vyacheslav Aleshechkin, this werewolf – or tale of a dog headed creature – opens overseas in 3D (it will play in 2D at the aforementioned festival).


Set against the backdrop of Syvenir Lake in the Carpathian Mountains – known for its rich history of supposed mysterious occurrences – the film finds “a group of students who decide to spend a weekend at the lake. They do not believe in those stories about Lake Synevir and the strange creatures around it. Too bad for them….

For more information, be sure to check out the official site (the link’s in English…you’re welcome…)!