Directed By: Michael Laughlin
Written By: Bill Condon & Michael Laughlin
aka: Dead Kids

Ok, this flick apparently (according to the almighty internets) has something of a cult following.  I don’t know why. This was one of the biggest snoozefests I’ve seen in a while, and I just watched SYNGENOR.  I took a shit-ton of notes (kind of like a play by play) while watching this thing and found THAT more entertaining.

Here’s the reader’s digest version.  Weird Shit is going on in this lab at the college. To get a little extra money, this guy Pete is told by his pal Oliver that he can subject himself to a couple of experiments at $100 a day.  Ok, college kids do stuff like that all the time for extra money, right? Uh…right?  Anyway, so there’s this whole convoluted backstory about a Doctor LeSage and behavioral-mind-altering-weird-as-fuck-shit going on before Pete was born and now the lab is under the microscope *ahem* again as kids start turning up dead in this small, sleepy, murder-less town.  Pete’s dad is the Chief of Police by the way and he has a certain personal history with LeSage possibly being responsible for his wife’s death and all, but LeSage is dead, right, so what’s going on?

Ok, this movie sucked ass.  It was boring, the gore was almost non-extant, we get to see man-ass in the first few minutes of the thing (with no boobs to balance out this horrid equation), and the story was just, meh.  There were some definite Lynchian-wannabe efforts made here with some weird scenery and dialogue.  I think the one scene that really held my interest was when we found this 11 year old kid getting hacked up by some fat chick.

There were some interesting parts here and there, but, I mean, oh fuck I just realized I’m never getting that time of my life back.  MotherFUCK!  This movie is the perfect thing if you have insomnia.  Very light on gore, story, entertainment value, it’s just sort of…blah, just sort of…there.  That’s the best thing I can say about this movie, it’s just sort of…there, with no real purpose or reason for being.

The DVD was light on features, some trailers and stills and filmmaker bios (if I remember right), but that’s about it, no commentary or anything so fairly bare-bones, not that I’d really invest much into super-special-featurettes territory either for this one. Blah.  The transfer’s fairly nice though, so if you ARE a fan and have an old VHS copy hangin’ about, it’s a worthy upgrade.

If you’re looking for something worth a damn, look elsewhere.  Check out the trailer below and you can have a gander at my notes after the break.