I suppose that between working on his music (which hasn’t been his best for the past few years) and writing/directing horror films, Rob Zombie’s been moonlighting as an advertising director. If you’ll recall, we here at Backwoods Horror last reported on a Woolite commercial he’d directed as well. This time, it’s for an insecticide I’ve never heard of called Amdro and features Danny Roebuck (recently seen in Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2 as a strip club owner) going ape shit over insects reminiscent of Robin Williams’s work in ONE HOUR PHOTO. I actually rather enjoyed the Woolite commercial, but less than impressed by this attempt. It is strange, however, that he would be tapped to direct commercials, but he did get his start in the world of film, after all, by directing his own music videos.

What do YOU think?


Holy shit. Really, Rob Zombie… Really? A fucking Woolite commercial? Why? Because of the money? You’ve slid downhill with your musical career, though granted, that isn’t really what you wanted to do after White Zombie anyway (According to an old Rolling Stone article), though I will admit a few tracks off Hellbilly 2 weren’t half bad. Your movie career is going to shit with those Halloween atrocities. I’m holding my breath for Lords Of Salem, but so far, from what I’ve heard, it doesn’t sound so great. What happened to Tyrannosaurus Rex? Granted, it was a shit title, but the premise sounded BAD ASS! What happened to that shit? And now you’re doing a Woolite commercial? Gotta pay the bills I guess. Check it out below: