So this is the first time I’m hearing about a REMAKE of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, the exceedingly visceral rape/revenge thriller directed by Meir Zarchi in 1978.  Also known as DAY OF THE WOMAN, the film follows a woman who has come to the country to work on her novel in peace and quiet, only to be violently assaulted and raped by a group of local yokels.  After healing a bit, she launches into a campaign of vicious revenge against her attackers (including cutting off one guy’s dong!).

As hard as the original film is for me to watch (because of the rape/assault part that seems to last FOREVER), I’m certain that I’ll be having a more difficult time trying to watch the remake (because, obviously, it’s going to suck).  This version is directed by Steven R. Monroe and stars Sarah Butler, Daniel Franzese, Chad Lindberg, Rodney Eastman and Andrew Howard.  I’m guessing the financing came through after the somewhat successful LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT remake happened as I really can’t see how a remake of a film such as I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE could get produced.  Of course we all know that this flick is going to FAIL.  The original was made at a specific time, when exploitation flicks were synonymous with independent filmmaking.

On top of that, Anchor Bay has agreed to put the remake out this fall in a targeted (read: limited) theatrical release!? To be followed by DVD release early 2011.  Really Anchor Bay?  Really?  I remember the days when I worshiped at the DVD alter of Anchor Bay, in the early days of DVD releases when they were putting out all the great horror classics.  Now I have THIS.  Ah well, it’s business, but a remake of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE will not only suck balls, but it’s really something more apt for a Brain Damage release.


Even though we all know this flick is gonna suck (and not in the fun way), here’s a clip from the upcoming SORORITY ROW.  The remake of a movie no one really remembers anyway hits theaters September 11th.  This clip is age restricted as it shows some boobage.  Wooo!


Just got this in the ‘ol inbox.  How would YOU kill ’em…

More Friday The 13th Remake News

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Over on Youtube (for now anyway), you can find a clip from the upcoming Friday The 13th Remake.  Or, you could check it out below:

Um…did I just see Jason Voorhees run?!?!  Bullshit!  Goddamnit, this movie is going to suck sweaty donkey dong!  Sigh.  Well, for anyone who’s interested, here’s a sneak pic of the teaser poster (snapped by Bloody Disgusting at SDCC):

Update: Halloween 3-Disc Super Deluxe Edition…If Anyone Cares…

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A little while back, I wrote about the 3-Disc Unrated edition of Rob Zombie’s Shiny Shitfest (Halloween Remake), was going to be released on October 7th (October 21st for Blu-Ray).  Well, the boys over at Fango got their hands on the cover art.  I know, I know, who gives a shit, right, but it’s a slow day and I figured since I already wrote about it once, I might as well keep up on the updates.  Like I said before, it’s the nearly 5-hour making-of documentary I’m interested in, if nothing more than watching what it was like to shoot the thing, as I’m an aspiring filmmaker myself.  Anyhow, click the pic to take you to the Fango site if you want to learn more about what you’ll be getting if you buy the thing.

Halloween 3-Disc Super Deluxe Edition

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If you were excited about the headline, take a breath and sit back down because it’s going to be a 3-disc edition of Rob Zombie’s Halloween.  Yeah…the sucky one. According to Fangoria, included is going to be a FOUR AND A HALF HOUR DOCUMENTARY on the making of the film.  I guess all I can say is, even if you aren’t a fan of the movie (and we here at Backwoods Horror definitely are NOT), it could be an interesting look into the process of filmmaking.  And for that alone, I may just buy it.  Damn you, Zombie, you found a way to get me to buy that piece of shit movie.