Posted on 19th June 2011 by aaron in News - Tags: , , , , ,

Apparently the Weinsteins are shittin’ their pants to get the next installment of the abominable Halloween redux franchise out there. Halloween 3D, like we need it, is being rushed with Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer rumored to have shat out a script that would have H3D (I assume that’s what they’ll call it) pick up where H2 left off. Oh glory fuckin’ day. These are the same fellas muckin’ about with a Hellraiser remake, mind you, and who shat out Drive Angry, so let’s all be good boils ‘n ghouls and cross our severed fingers ‘n toes it’ll be good… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, yeah, right, sure, and I piss rivers of chocolate joy for all the fat boys and girls.

I mean Gawd DAMNIT! We’re in a creativity fuckin’ recession as well, folks. Someone’s gonna have to do something, stand up and fix horror for the fans. And since everyone else keeps fuckin’ things up, I’m gonna have to come outta this shack and whup some ass…