A poster and pic have surfaced for the new Nightmare on Elm Street remake at SDCC.  Of course, Freddy’s face is still obscured for the most part, but from what we here at Backwoods Horror can tell, so far, so good.  Though Englund isn’t the world’s biggest guy, Freddy’s shoes are some big ‘uns to fill.  Let’s hope ‘ol Jackie Earle Haley’s up to it!  Check it out:




From Bloody Disgusting, It’s Official Folks:

Back in February the boys over at Latino Review had broke the news first that Jackie Earle Haley (watch a clip of him from Watchmen beyond the break) was in fact locked down as your new Freddy Krueger. While at the time they were wrong in the fact that it was a done deal, this afternoon Bloody-Disgusting learned exclusively that Haley is now in final talks to pull over that grimy red and green sweater, strap on the infamous razor glove and tip his fedora as the brand-spanking-new Freddy Krueger! Expect an official announcement as early as next week. Shooting begins under the watch of Samuel Bayer at the end of the month in Chicago on A Nightmare on Elm Street, New Line Cinema’s reboot of the infamous franchise created by Wes Craven that followed Krueger, a serial child killer murdered by angry parents, who returns with a burnt face and a razor glove to terrorize teens in their dreams. Don’t fall asleep on April 16, 2010.

If it couldn’t be Englund, I can definitely fucking respect this choice.  Now, let’s see if they fuck it up or not, because no matter how fucking awesome the actor is, if the story fucking blows, there’s no helping it.