Posted on 16th May 2009 by aaron in Personal - Tags: , , , , ,

Sorry for the delay in updates fellow boils ‘n ghouls!  Backwoods Horror has switched servers and it took a while to get everything back up and running correctly.  Expect your delicious dose of creepy horror radness to get back to speed starting…well…probably later today!  Also, I haven’t heard back from Rev3 about THE BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW *THE VIDEO SHOW* as far as helping towards putting that together, so, in the next few months, I plan on doing it all myself.  Look forward to something along those lines in time for THIS HALLOWEEN!!!  I just scored a new job, too, so I’ll be attempting to go to a few horror conventions this year, so expect coverage and, perhaps, INTERVIEWS!  A new episode of THE BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW (maybe 2 of ’em) will be coming down the line soon as well so clean the blood outta yer ears, ’cause it’s COMING…HARD!  Heh…

Keep it Creepy!