If the new special release of the 3rd Friday flick gets an actual 3-D release that would be fucking sweet! This from the boils ‘n ghouls over at SHOCK TILL YOU DROP:

What does Amazon know that Paramount won’t admit on their home video press site?

If you head to this listing over at Amazon, you’ll find that the upcoming Friday the 13th Part 3 Deluxe Edition DVD will arrive on February 3, 2009 with four pairs of 3-D glasses. Is this legit? Well, to date, Paramount has released few details on the Steve Miner-directed threequel other than that it will include “Trailers: Theatrical Trailer Used on 2000 release.”

But, if Amazon is correct, then a 3-D presentation is certainly a perk. Stay tuned for more updates and package art for Paramount’s re-releases of the first three Friday films.