Some exciting news just came down the wire yesterday. The original MY BLOODY VALENTINE is finally going to be getting a decent release on DVD. ¬†This from FANGORIA’s site:

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced a new DVD of the 1981 cult slasher fave MY BLOODY VALENTINE, to tie in with the Gate’s theatrical release of the 3-D remake. The disc will hit January 13, and unlike the previous Paramount edition, this one will have some special features.

Most notably, it’ll include never-before-seen lost footage, which fans can only hope means the additional gore that was trimmed to appease the MPAA back in ’81. There will also be a retrospective featurette on the movie and an Ultimate Slasher interactive guide that covers the history of the subgenre. Retail price is $19.98

Check out the sweet DVD art below: