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Backwoods Horror Favourite MIKO MACABRE has a brand new site up.  Not much going on right now, as she’s in Prague for a few months, but we’re going to be getting plenty of sweet, sweet Cryptique goodness in the near future.  So check out the site and get ready!

Miko Macabre

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For any of you out there who DON’T know the name Miko Macabre, it’s time for a short education.  I first heard the name on the first, THE FIRST, horror talk radio show put on by the Deadpit boys in Eastern Kentucky.  She called in and they mentioned something about her show on YouTube.  Intrigued, I sought her out.  Sure enough, her show, Cryptique, was indeed awesome.  In fact, I’d say she’s the new Elvira.

The premise of the show follows Miko in a crypt (basement) as she reviews some of the best (and worst) that horror has to give us.  The show is perfect, with the right amount of bad, dry humor, and kitschy set pieces, not that these are bad things, they’re EXACTLY what’s needed in a show like hers.  Here’s a description of who she is in her own words from her Myspace page:

“Just a small town ghoul, livin’ in a lonely world.

But seriously, I’m just a girl who reallys like horror films. Good horror films, bad horror films, old horror films, new horror films, low budget horror films…medium budget horror films. You get the picture.

I have an especial propensity for zombie and supernatural flicks, but I don’t mind a good slasher once in a while.

But most of all, I love campy horror films. The nonsensical dialog, the bad acting, the terrible special effects–it’s all part of the charm of the genre.

Anyway, I’m sick of bad (and good) horror films not getting the attention they so rightly deserve, so I decided to create my own show–Cryptique. It’s like a critique that takes place in a crypt, get it? Eh? Oh, I’m so alone :(

Watch my show!”

Recently, she mysteriously disappeared for a fairly decent span of time, causing something of a stir in the horror community.  Many speculated she had died, and others speculated she had died and come back as a zombie, and still OTHERS simply didn’t give two shits (because they’re fucking assholes). But then she was back with fantastic news.  She had a new, professional cameraman and now she’s in LA shooting for the Miko Macabre Cryptique show and persuing an acting career. She’s apparently just finished season 1.  If there’s a DVD, I’ll be first in line to pick it up.  So, you filthy heathens, get acquainted with the coolest ghoul in horror, MIKO MACABRE: