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Looks like the duo behind THE BURNING (That’s right, our friends The Weinsteins) have given a greenlight to a direct to dvd full length MACHETE starring none other than Danny Trejo.

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While drinking some tequila and just chilling I stumbled on some pretty cool news via ToutLeCine is reporting that Machete is moving ahead quote;

Interprète du héros buriné dans le trailer bidon, Danny Trejo (la photo) vient d’annoncer que les frères Weinstein ont pour intention rapide, avec la complicité de Robert Rodriguez (réalisateur de la si pittoresque bande-annonce et de Planète Terreur), de faire de Machete un vrai film

If you are like me and cant read a lick of french you probably are asking yourself, who? what? when? Did the martians steal my baby? Translated to English courtesy of my cat it says that Danny Trejo has confirmed a Machete film is coming and in fact it will be a direct to DVD trilogy. Or something along those lines.

Frankly my french sucks ass. All I can say is Robert Rodriquez is involved, The weinsteins are putting it direct to dvd and its either going to be a trilogy or a one off film. Those of you who CAN speak french feel free to email me a proper translating.