Whoa…another one has slipped under my radar? Directed by Philip Gardiner, who also assisted on the writing duties with Warren Croyle (who had the original concept) and Joe Micallef, the EXORCIST CHRONICLES looks like, from the little (or a lot, depending on your point of view) I’ve seen, like one incredibly vicious film. I’d heard rumblings about this UK exorcism flick, and with the glut of exorcism flicks coming out, I merely overlooked it. Big mistake on my part. Everything I see tells me: WATCH THIS THING NOW! I love the aesthetic, the symbology, the shadows, the blood effects…everything, but I’m pretty sure they’re still working on it…I’ll get on that. In the meantime we have a teaser trailer, a poster, and some VERY NSFW (courtesy HorrorMovies.ca) imagery from the film.

I’ll be getting in touch with the filmmakers as soon as possible to try and find out more about the film and stay up to dates when it comes to further news. What we know so far is very little (other than it looks amazing)… What we do know, plot-wise, is that across the world, demonic possessions are on the increase and two specialists are brought in and uncover a dark and terrifying worldwide demonic plot. The film stars Rudy Barrow, Liz Mente-Bishop, Nathan Head, Emma K Robins, Dave Samuels, Alex Reed, Rachel Malone, Jack Burrows, Jane Haslehurst, Bob Lee, Philip Berzamanis, and Kay Vardy.

The film just completed shooting in the East Midlands, Nottinghamshire region.

The film is designed to set nerves jangling and drag the dark terrors that are usually hidden and suppressed deep in the human psyche right up to the forefront of the mind to rattle the audience. The makers promise us a movie unlike anything we’ve encountered before… Find out more on their official site and facebook page! And of course, keep checking back here for more information as we get it.

This is probably about the Safest For Work imagery I can show you. Check out the rest after the break…and trust me…it’s worth it. This looks like it’s going to be one amazingly wicked film from hell!  (more…)