Oh my GOD, I can’t imagine how much SHIT this flick is gonna be.  I’m throwing up the trailer though because some of you boils and ghoulies out there might actually be looking forward to this.  There’s no way, no fucking way they’re going to capture the severe, gut-wrenching brutality of the first.  JUST BECAUSE of the remake, I’m going to rewatch the original and pop a review up, even though I swore I’d never watch that movie again because, like I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, it’s just a hard one for me (that’s what SHE said).  The only way I can watch I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE is with the Joe Bob Briggs commentary.  I mean, come on, that gang rape scene, with her screaming, if you feel NOTHING when watching it, you’re a horrible bastard.

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming redux.  Now go cry in a closet.

Also, Krug (played by Garret Dillahunt) is putting on his best Ben Foster (the Stranger from 30 Days Of Night) impression.  Oh my God.  Fucking awful.  Best thing about this movie so far is that I kind of dig the “Sweet Child” redux.