So just what is THE LAND OF CANAAN?

Directed by Reginald La France from a screenplay by France and Mike McCartney and starring Robert Englund, Tara Reid, Juliet Landau, & Dwight Yoakam, among other horror legends, THE LAND OF CANAAN is about, well, here’s a synopsis from the imdb page:

After the goldfield hotel was built over an abandoned goldmine in 1908, the former owner George Winfield (Hopkins) gets a young prostitute, Elizabeth (Landau) pregnant, he chains her up in an old room, to a radiator. When she gives birth, the baby is thrown down an old mine shaft, and Elizabeth was left there to die. Cut to present, a group of friends, sneak into the abandoned hotel, to see if they can get any footage of any ‘hauntings’. But they start getting murdered one by one. Is the ghost of Elizabeth seeking revenge, or is someone taking a prank too far? What are you afraid of? In the Land of Canaan, trying to stay alive, will be the only mystery. Based on the true story of the murders and hauntings in the Goldfield Hotel in Nevada.

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