Just came across this story from the Creepy Canuckians over at Horror

Finally some good news surrounding Warner Bros. action Western, Jonah Hex.  Megan Fox is in final negotiations to star opposite Josh Brolin and John Malkovich, according to THR.  Jonah Hex is based on a DC Comic Book released in the 70’s which has recently been given new life.

Fox will play Leila, a gun-wielding beauty and the love interest of Hex (played by Brolin), who is a scarred confederate soldier bounty hunter.  Malkovich plays the bad guy who is trying to raise an army of undead soldiers to liberate the south.  Shooting should be starting in the next month or so.

Sounds like it could be interesting.  We have two decent actors and some eye candy (hopefully she won’t have much of a speaking role).  I’m glad to see that bit about the “undead soldiers” as well, as I had read that there wasn’t going to be a supernatural element to this flick.  Hot Damn!  You might remember the Megan Fox pics that were floating around the intarwebz some months back, like the one below (click for more), from the upcoming Jennifer’s Body.  Could Megan Fox be a new scream queen in the making?  We’ll just have to see.