Posted on 29th September 2008 by aaron in News - Tags: , , ,

The folks over at Horror Bid have some behind the scenes pics from the new Friday Remake that show, SPOILER, KIND OF, an UNMASKED JASON VOORHEES! The pics are kind of blurry though, so it’s kind of hard to make out the disfigurement.  It almost looks like they came close to recreating Savini’s fantastic work on Friday 4…close…but different.  Check ’em out and visit Horror Bid for more Behind The Scenes pics from the Friday Remake Set!

Sad to say, I’m actually kind of looking forward to this flick.  I’ll be going in with low expectations like I do with all remakes, but I may end up blown away like I did with the DAWN REMAKE, which it was actually pretty damn good.  We’ll see…