Ok…”vampire coming of age” kind of flick.  I’ve read review upon review on this flick, and heard nothing but good things, so I felt, good readers, that the article to kickstart my being back on board the Backwoods Horror boat, should be a review of this flick everyone’s been praising.

Well…call me a wuss, but I liked it.  I could probably watch this flick without the vampire element to it (I’m a sucker for movies with a protagonist who’s a little kid who gets bullied and eventually comes back to kick their ass, the underdog kind of flick).  I don’t know if I could say I “loved” it, but I definitely liked it.

Anyone who likes this site will like this movie, I almost guarantee it (almost because there’s always that one percenter out there who HAS to hate it).  So, what’s the movie about?  Ok, there’s this outcast kid who gets bullied.  A vampire that’s always gonna be 12 moves in (oh yeah, and the flick is set in, Sweden, it’s a Swedish flick) next door.  She (Eli) finds the boy (Oskar) outside stabbing a tree one night, wishing for revenge on his tormentors.  They, slowly, form a bond from friendship to love.  Also, there’s a lot of vampire bloody goodness.

This movie did what a lot of vampire flicks do and had us accept the vampire as a sympathetic character, which is blah, but at the same time, it showed the overall monstrousness of the vampire.  I was happy to see that because I HATE when the monstrous, horrible nature of vampires is taken out and replaced with “oh, poor vampy.”  Balancing the sympathy and the monstrousness is always a thin line, and this movie really captured it.  It’s a slow burn, artsy kind of movie set in the frozen wasteland that is Sweden and I actually liked it, just like I find myself surprised, but happy, with a Sigur Ros song (they’re Icelandic, but you get my drift).  This movie seemed like a music video for Sigur Ros for the most part, slow, cold, full of sorrow.  It was just…good.  I really enjoyed it.  I find it hard to bring up anything bad about this film.  It’s not a balls to the wall, rip ’em up horror flick.  It’s at the very opposite end of that, but in a good way.

It was a very refreshing experience and, as I said before, everyone who reads and enjoys this site should really give it a look.

Intermission At The Drive-In

Posted on 27th July 2008 by aaron in Personal - Tags: , , ,

It’s been pretty damn slow the past few days in the world of interesting horror.  So, as filler, I present to you a crapload of vintage drive-in intermission spots and trailers.  Enjoy kiddos.