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So while you all know, boils ‘n ghouls, that we here at Backwoods Horror spend a hell of a lot of time covering horror films (news, reviews, and everything in between), we all know that our fandom doesn’t apply to films alone. We find ourselves often staring for hours at all things horror, whether they be action figures, t-shirts, or, yes, even home décor. I’m certain by now that you may all know of the fantastic site HORRORDECOR.com, and those of you who don’t, I suggest checking them out as soon as you can drag your bloodshot eyes away from this post. Full disclosure: these folk aren’t paying me (yet) to talk about these things, I just happen to find ’em very cool, so as the site goes on I’m going to be posting more and more about the various items that truly round out our horror-for-life collections.

As far as the site mentioned above, there are quite a variety of various horrific images for the home including some of my personal favorites: pillows. That’s right, soft, fluffy, horror-themed pillows. The best of these are the recent availability of pillows that look like VHS tapes that you can purchase individual labels for. While there are only a few titles currently available, the list is growing larger every day, so go check ’em out and dig on the base design below…


Certain labels include a variety of horror/exploitation films and even one of my favorites in cooperation with Lunchmeat Magazine (yours truly having been a contributor in Issue Seven for the only-on-vhs title HUNTER’S BLOOD:


The site also includes a wide variety of various other abhorred household goodies including lampshades, sheets, shower curtains, etc. So if you’re in desperate need of something to go with your horror movie and poster collection, give ’em a shot.

I’ve recently also come across various other nifty household items no horror fan could do without. Macabre goodies such as Skeletal Flamingo lawn ornaments:


And a cutting board that looks like someone’s had a little too much fun with their knives…


Which would go incredibly well with a certain table designed by John Nouanesing I’ve come across:

Bloody Table

I could go on, but I think I’ll save more of this incredible horror gear for another post. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these little home horror accoutrements in one of the first of a new breed of Horror Gear segments.

Keep it Creepy!


Ah, the age old problem. You’re a horror fan who has shelves filled to the brim with genre dvd’s and books. Your walls are plastered with horror movie posters (framed originals if you’re lucky). Various collectibles and memorabilia crowd every nook and cranny. But something…something seems to be missing. Looking at your couch and/or bed, you can’t help but wonder how drab and horror-less it is, but what can you do? Luckily for us, a crafty company called Horror Decor has come to the rescue with a variety of horror themed items for the happy horror home. Recently, speaking of couches and beds, they’ve come out with a line of horror themed pillows (my favorites, of course, being the Leatherface and Sam pillows) perfect for relaxing upon whilst watching your favorite gory slice of cinema.

But these fiends of decor don’t stop there, they seem to have a little creepy something for all occasions. Sick of those saccharine Christmas stockings dangling by the fire every year? They’ve got a gruesome holiday alternative. Shower curtains and bedding lacking the requisite amount of blood? They’ve got you covered. Don’t want neighbors catching a glimpse at your dastardly deeds? No problem. If you’re looking for vile clocks, oddity jars, and even horrific lampshades, Horror Decor is a one stop shop. So if you’re looking for something a little…different for that special boil or ghoul in your life who has everything, or if you just want to shock your grandmother, head on over to Horror Decor’s official site for extreme home decor.