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Came across this story over at the Creepy Cool guys ‘n gals over at SHOCK TILL YOU DROP:

Production Weekly’s back with another quick, random update on a script currently garnering some form of attention in Hollywood (similar to their update on War – a script we’ve received since this report).

This time it’s High Moon. PW writes, “In Eddie Nickerson’s horror Western ‘High Moon’ a reckless outlaw is a small town’s only hope for survival from a vicious band of werewolves.” Those are the only details they’ve provided.

Our question: Is this an adaptation of Zuda Comics’ similarly-titled web series? (Zuda’s an imprint of DC Comics.) Created by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, the story follows a bounty hunter who strolls into the town of Blest and finds himself neck-deep in lycanthropy and witchcraft.

We’ll do a bit of digging to find out more…

Bitchin’! I’ll watch that.  There seems to be a lot of potential for suckitude, but there also seems like a lot of potential for ass kicking.

Niles Has Gone SAVAGE

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The boys over at Shock Till You Drop came across some news that Steve Niles (of 30 Days of Night fame) and company have created a new comic entitled SAVAGE.  The premise of the comic is as follows:  BIGFOOT vs. A PACK OF WEREWOLVES.  And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a healthy dose of murderers and madmen.  This sounds like a pretty damn awesome project and I can’t wait to read it.  The book streets October 29th with the first in a four part series.  Check out the first issue’s cover art below: