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The new Backwoods Horror office has been without internet for the past 24 hours. The entire area is actually. This is terribly annoying as we JUST had lines put in yesterday evening & we were going to be up and running with new posts amd reviews soon. Time Warner its telling us it’ll be tomorrow before things are back to normal (I’m writing this from my phone). So, hopefully, expect us to be back in bloody business by Sunday or Monday.

Thank you for your patience and consideration.

Your friend in horror,

Aaron J. Howell
Cheif Editor & Owner
Backwoods Horror


Just a reminder that Backwoods Horror is a site for the fans by the fans (or at least A fan, sometimes 2), and that I thrive on your comments.  If you agree, disagree, want to just speak your mind about anything horror, leave a comment.  I try to respond to all of them.  For further fan interaction, I’m working towards getting a forum up.  So here’s a little inspiration…why not comment on what you think the forum should be called.  I’m thinking of calling it THE SHACK or THE BACKWOODS.  What do you think?  Chime in and let me know!

Aaron Out!