Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc. announced today that Camelot Distribution Group has added two horror documentaries to its lineup: Unearthed: The Hellraiser Saga and Zombie Culture: Documentary of the Living Dead.

Both will be distributed through Camelot’s DarKnight Pictures, a division of Camelot Distribution Group. Anthony Masi (Halloween: 25 Years Later, His Name Was Jason) will produce.

“Hellraiser is one of the most recognizable horror franchises and with the studio reboot in 2011, this is great time to produce and release a behind the story feature,” commented Camelot’s Jaime Thompson. “Zombie Culture capitalizes on how zombies have become the most popular movie monster. The film will document zombies from their humble beginnings to their seemingly unstoppable universal appeal.”

Unearthed steps behind the scenes and explores every facet and theme of Clive Barker’s two decades of Cenobites in the Hellraiser series. Zombie Culture, meanwhile, is a retrospective on an eight-decade international obsession with cinematic zombies.


Directed By: Daniel Farrands
Writers: Thommy Hutson, and Anthony Masi (Though, it’s a documentary, so…writers??)
Cast: Just About Everyone EVER In Every Friday The 13th Flick

A Synopsis From The ANCHOR BAY Press Release:

He first became known to audiences on May 9, 1980. Over the course of nearly three decades and eleven films (soon to be twelve with next year’s remake), he has inspired terror in the hearts of film fans the world over. He redefined the concept of immortality and invincibility. He gave horror a new face…by not having one. His name is Jason Voorhees and this is his story.

His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th, the ultimate tribute documentary about one of horror cinema’s most enduring icons, has been acquired by Anchor Bay Entertainment, the leading horror programmer, for North American DVD distribution. It will be released as a “splatter edition” DVD on February 3, 2009. Then, on February 13th, 2009, Starz will host the broadcast premiere of the documentary – in celebration of the infamous date and its most famous posterboy. In addition, the documentary will have its World Premiere Friday, November 14 at the 31st Starz Denver Festival during The Watching Hour, the festival’s midnight film series. Ari Lehman, the “first” Jason and other special guests will be in attendance.

Produced by Anthony Masi (Halloween 25 Years of Terror, The Psycho Legacy) and Thommy Hutson (Prank) and directed by Dan Farrands (The Girl Next Door, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers), In addition to the full-length documentary, the DVD is anticipated to contain over four hours of bonus features, including additional interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and more.

Hosted by legendary special effects make-up artist Tom Savini – whose (literally) eye-popping prosthetics were featured in such gorefest classics as 1979’s Dawn of the Dead, Creepshow, Maniac, and the original Friday the 13th – His Name Was Jason is the definitive look at the history and cultural legacy of this 20th Century boogeyman. Extensive interviews were conducted with over eighty people involved throughout the entire Friday the 13th franchise, as well as filmmaker and fan testimonials.

Jason fans who watch His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th will be treated to reminiscences and ruminations spanning Jason’s entire film history, as well as a virtual “who’s who” of contemporary film horror, including:

Actors: Betsy Palmer (1), Adrienne King (1 and Part 2), Larry Zerner (Part 3-D), Bonnie Hellman and Judie Aronson (The Final Chapter), Shavar Ross and Debi Sue Voorhees (A New Beginning), Darcy DeMoss and Vincent Gustaferro (Part VI), Lar Park-Lincoln, Elizabeth Kaitan and Diana Barrows (Part VII), Peter Mark Richman and Jensen Daggett (Part VIII), Lawrence Monoson and Camilla More (The Final Friday), Lisa Ryder (Jason X), Seth Green and Travis Van Winkle (2009 remake);

Jason Voorhees portrayers: Ari Lehman (1), Warrington Gillette (Part 2), Richard Brooker (Part 3-D), Ted White (Final Chapter), C.J. Graham (Part VI), and Kane Hodder (Part VII, Part VIII, The Final Friday, Jason X);

Filmmakers: Sean S. Cunningham (Director, 1), Victor Miller (Writer, 1) Danny Steinmann (Writer/Director, A New Beginning), Tom McLoughlin (Writer/Director, Part VI), John Carl Buechler (Director/Special Makeup Effects, Part VII), Joseph Zito (Director, The Final Friday), Greg Nicotero (Special Makeup Effects, The Final Friday), Marcus Nispel (Director, 2009 remake), and Composer Harry Manfredini, creator of Jason’s signature musical cue “Sh-sh-sh-sh, ha-ha-ha-ha.”

This documentary (in an UBER-DELUXE 2-Disc Set, by the by) is an absolute MUST for Friday the 13th completists.  While watching HIS NAME WAS JASON, I couldn’t help but think that this is the sort of thing that should’ve been included with the Friday box set Paramount put out back in ’04 and should DEFINITELY be included with the upcoming Blu-Ray box set Paramount’s releasing (if it can be finagled with Anchor Bay).  Any true fan of the series will not be learning anything new here as the writers, directors, and stars remenisce about the good ‘ol days of making the Friday films.

If you’ve never seen any of the Friday films or are just getting into the series, HIS NAME WAS JASON serves as an excellent primer for the series and will definitely get you pumped about seeing the films.  Tom Savini hams it up as only Tom Savini can do as the Hostest with the Mostest in a semi-wraparound bit that also features a girl running around screaming and, at one vital point, boobies.  BOOBIES!!!!

Really, this flick is much like the HALLOWEEN: 25 YEARS OF TERROR Doc that came out a couple of years back.  In fact, I believe some of the same parties are involved in this as well.  The doc could’ve had a few more people involved to make it fully all-inclusive (NO CRISPIN GLOVER?), but overall, the filmmakers did a pretty damn good job of gathering the majority of everyone who ever had a hand in the making of the legend of Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th to talk about their memories and experiences.

I could’ve done without a few of the talking heads who had nothing to do with the films.  I can understand it to a degree, getting “famous fans” to talk about their favourite Friday memories, but overall it was relatively filler and useless.  I could have ALSO done without the last 10 or 15 minutes of the film being devoted to the new “re-imagining” of Friday the 13th (see review HERE).  I suppose it was necessary for completion’s sake, but as the film wasn’t even released when this Doc was made and because it’s not a part of the original canon, it could’ve easily been left out.  So could the FREDDY VS. JASON segment for that matter (a truly terrible film in and of itself).

Definitely a flick for fans and completists, but not necessarily for everyone.  If you’re visiting Backwoods, though, there’s a good chance you’ll get something out of it.




Shock Till You Drop got their hands on the cover art for the upcoming documentary HIS NAME WAS JASON. More on the story and that cover art as follows from Shock Till You Drop: has nabbed an early look at the DVD cover art for the upcoming documentary His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th. We’ve been informed that this is still being tweaked, but you get the idea. The doc recently received a warm reception at the Starz Denver Film Festival. It hits DVD on February 3rd.

Hosted by special effects master Tom Savini, and with more than 80 interviews – including every Jason and the “Final Girls” who survived him – and clips from the films, His Name was Jason examines how the legend of Jason Voorhees has evolved from a ghost story that oversexed camp counselors tell around the bonfire into a full-blown Hollywood institution. The film was directed by Daniel Farrands and produced by Anthony Masi and MasiMedia.

Looks Fucking Sweet. You Better Believe I’ll Be Getting This One!!!


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Picked up this bit of news from FANGORIA:

Anchor Bay Entertainment gave Fango the word that it will release the documentary HIS NAME WAS JASON: 30 YEARS OF FRIDAY THE 13TH on DVD February 3, 2009. The exhaustive saga of Voorhees cinema will then have its broadcast premiere on Starz Friday, Feb. 13.


Directed by Dan Farrands (screenwriter of THE GIRL NEXT DOOR and HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS) and produced by Anthony (HALLOWEEN: 25 YEARS OF TERROR) Masi and Thommy Hutson, HIS NAME WAS JASON is hosted by Tom Savini (pictured, who created the trendsetting gore FX of the 1980 original FRIDAY and returned to the series for 1984’s THE FINAL CHAPTER. The docu showcases interviews with dozens of contributors to the FRIDAY saga, including actors Betsy Palmer (the original), Adrienne King (the first and second films), Larry Zerner (PART III), Bonnie Hellman, Judie Aronson, Lawrence Monoson and Camilla More (THE FINAL CHAPTER), Shavar Ross and Debbisue Voorhees (PART V), Darcy DeMoss and Vincent Gustaferro (PART VI), Lar Park Lincoln, Elizabeth Kaitan and Diana Barrows (PART VII), Peter Mark Richman and Jensen Daggett (PART VIII), Lisa Ryder (JASON X), Seth Green and Travis Van Winkle (the upcoming remake)-not to mention Jason performers Ari Lehman (original), Warrington Gillette (PART 2), Richard Brooker (PART III), Ted White (FINAL CHAPTER), C.J. Graham (PART VI), and Kane Hodder (Part VII through JASON X).

Also going before the HIS NAME IS JASON cameras are original director Sean S. Cunningham and scripter Victor Miller, directors Joseph Zito (THE FINAL CHAPTER), Danny Steinmann (PART V), Tom McLoughlin (PART VI), John Carl Buechler (PART VII, also FX creator) and Marcus Nispel (FRIDAY 2009), plus JASON GOES TO HELL FX artist Greg Nicotero and franchise composer Harry Manfredini. There are also testimonials on the series by everyone from filmmakers Joe (WRONG TURN 2) Lynch and Adam (HATCHET) Green to Fango’s own Tony Timpone. In addition to the 90-minute documentary, the DVD is slated to include over four hours of bonus features, including additional interview material, behind-the-scenes footage and more. A retail price has not been announced-but this one’ll be a must-have at any cost for Jason fans.


Howdy ho, folks.  Your favorite backwoods horror fanatic is back with some creamy horror updates from around the ‘net.  So sit back, open a cool, coors 16 ouncer and soak it up.

First up, we have theatrical dates for the upcoming MY NAME IS BRUCE:
• October 26: Austin, TX (premiere)
• Oct. 31-November 2: New York City—Sunshine Cinema
• Nov. 5: Philadelphia, PA
• Nov. 7: Boston, MA
• Nov. 9: Hartford, CT
• Nov. 12: New Haven, CT
• Nov. 14: Baltimore, MD
• Nov. 15: Washington D.C.
• Nov. 19: Columbus, OH
• Nov. 20: Toledo, OH
• Nov. 21-23: Detroit, MI
• Nov. 28-30: Chicago, IL
• Dec. 3: Madison, WI
• Dec. 5-7: Minneapolis, MN
• Dec. 12: Seattle, WA
• Dec. 13-14: Portland, OR
• Dec. 15: Medford, OR
• Dec. 17: San Francisco, CA
• Dec. 18: Berkeley, CA
• Dec. 19-21: Los Angeles, CA

Hopefully, this is just an initial theatrical run because not a goddamn one of ’em is near my neck of the woods in bumfuck North Carolina.  So Texas, Yankees, and Left Coasters get all the action.  Fuckers.

Next up we have an official Poster and Myspace Page for the upcoming kickass documentary HIS NAME WAS JASON.  Check it out!

And here’s a fresh still from the new flick from JT Petty, THE BURROWERS showing a bit of one of the monsters (though, if you ask me, it looks a bit like mongoloid Jason Voorhees trapped in quicksand)

What else, ah yes, we have a Wendigo flick comin’ out pretty soon headlining Superman himself, Dean Cain, called MANEATER.  Fangoria got their mits on a pic of the monster.  Click the Pic for more information and more pics.

Seems as though Guillermo del Toro is owned by the Hobbit for the next billion years, but Variety reports that he’s still in talks with Universal about releasing his definitive vision of HP Lovecraft’s AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, and if you haven’t read Lovecraft, Fuck You.

Last up is a little youtube fan flick that I found hilarious.  It was featured on SHOCK TILL YOU DROP and showcases the GREMLINS invading various other movies such as The Exorcist, Batman, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, etc.  Cool as hell and done really well, so check it out!

Until next time boils ‘n ghouls…KEEP IT CREEPY!!

FRIDAY THE 13th DOCUMENTARY & Other Tales Of The Strange

Updates, Updates, Updates.

First up, we have news on a Friday The 13th Documentary from Dread Central and Fangoria HIS NAME WAS JASON: The Legacy Of Friday The 13th.  Kickass title.  This from Fangoria:

“Dread Central reports that a new documentary on the FRIDAY THE 13TH films called HIS NAME WAS JASON is currently being put together by Starz and Anchor Bay Entertainment. Daniel Farrands, who worked on the FRIDAY coffee-table-book retrospective CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES and created two AMITYVILLE HORROR docus for the History Channel that also wound up on the DVD of the 1979 film, is directing, and the team behind HALLOWEEN: 25 YEARS OF TERROR is producing. Interviewees from both within and outside the FRIDAY productions are currently being rounded up to share their thoughts (we hear Adrienne King is about to take part, as well as Fango chief Tony Timpone), and Starz will air the show next February (to tie in with the release of the big-screen FRIDAY remake, natch). Presumably, Anchor Bay will have it out on DVD around the time the new FRIDAY flick hits disc. —Michael Gingold”

Next up we have the poster for the new After Dark Horrorfest.  Gotta say, this one’s the best so far.  Check it out!

And now for the news of the strange.  The ‘ol french boys behind INSIDE have taken on duties to direct a, get this now, a FUCKING SEQUEL to Rob Zombie’s Shitstorm HALLOWEEN.  You have to be shitting me.  The folk over at Rue Morgue got the following scoop…you know, if you want to call it that:

“It’s a proposition we couldn’t refuse.” Maury explains they’re reverent of Zombie’s re-imagining of Michael Myers and they’re out to put their stamp on the character not copy what came before them. “Therefore, our vision will be done with upmost respect, with a continuity of [Zombie’s] work but also a real evolution of the world he set in place.”

Great.  More shit.

Alrighty, well, till next time boils and ghouls, I’m off.  Medical problems are keeping me from updating as much as I’d like to.  Sorry kiddos!