FRIDAY THE 13th 1-3 Special Edition DVD’s coming soon?

Picked up this bit ‘o news from the folks over at Shock Till You Drop:

Friday the 13th fans unanimously agree Paramount’s previously released DVD box set was lacking. And this fall, the studio’s home video department is taking efforts to make things right. But how far are they willing to go to do so?

As mentioned here on Shock, a DVD production crew has been gathering interviews for a new Friday collection. Other than that info, details have been slim. We recently speculated that Paramount may have been focusing solely on a Friday the 13th special edition and not so much a re-issue of the franchise.

Various sources tell us the DVD team is on a mission to get bonus content for the first three films.

The reason? Platinum Dunes’ Friday the 13th film. The producers of the new installment have said in the press their take is an amalgam of the first three installments. So, Paramount is cooking up an ideal tie-in DVD release to arrive just in time for February 13, 2009 (when the new film debuts).

What this means for the rest of the films, we’re not certain. More info to come…

Sounds cool and all, but it still seems like a money grab from Paramount.  We’ll see…  Oh yeah, and Part 3 had better be in fuckin’ 3-D, remastered to third dimension creamy goodness or I’m gonna be pissed!  Jason’s gonna be pissed too!