Sparse deadline, I know, but it got yer attention.  I thought about putting a question mark after that title, because, after all, who’d wanna hurt those tender young girls who want nothing more than make the world a better place…with TITTIES!  WHOOOOO!  Ahem, anyway, SUICIDE GIRLS MUST DIE is the title of an upcoming movie directed by Sawa Suicide (obviously a suicide girly herself, the only pic I could find of her you’ll find below).  Also below, you’ll find the teaser poster (first glimpsed over at AICN) and a teaser trailer.

When Missy and Sawa invite twelve of their favorite Suicide Girls to a remote cabin in Maine to shoot a calendar video, none of the models had any idea they planned to shoot the Suicide Girl version of a horror movie. At first Bailey and then Evan go missing and the idyllic vacation photoshoot quickly degenerates into a chaotic nightmare for the models who each think they could be next to disappear.

Now for the Goods:


Trailer thanks to Shock Till You Drop

And, finally, the elusive Sawa Suicide:
Sawa Suicide
Seriously, that was the best pic I could find of the woman!  Ah well, fitting as she’s the director.  And now, for you kiddies disappointed in the overall lack of titties in this post, take a sweet (NSFW) gander after the cut (SUICIDE GIRLS MUST NEVER DIE!):