This week I’ll be posting reviews for THE BOOGENS, INTO THE PIT: THE SHOCKING TRUE STORY OF DEADPIT.COM, THE WOLFMAN, and POOR PRETTY EDDIE.  The first is an old favorite from the early 80’s that hasn’t yet made it to (legitimate) DVD release.  INTO THE PIT is a documentary about the DeadPit Horror Talk Radio boys The Creepy Kentuckian and Uncle Bill.  THE WOLFMAN was just fucking godawful and I will pull no punches.  Finally, POOR PRETTY EDDIE falls within what you could call Hicksploitation and, being that this is BackwoodsHorror.com, I’m going to start reviewing quite a few flicks within this genre.  Stay tuned!


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My favourite good ‘ol boys from Kentucky, the DEADPIT boys, are havin’ their very own documentary produced about ’em.  Looks like it’s gonna be a winner.  Here’s the synopsis from the OFFICIAL WEBSITE:

Every week, thousands of Horror film fans from around the world tune into Deadpit.com’s Uncle Bill and The Creepy Kentuckian. Wickedly smart and crudely funny, their web-cast oozes expert commentary on the state of independent Horror films.

Now for the first time, see the whole story of the successful rise of Deadpit.com, from its humble beginnings in the Eastern hills of Kentucky to its worldwide acclaim as the “only Horror talk radio show for the fans, by the fans.”

Prestonsburg , nestled in the heart of Appalachia, is the “star” city of Floyd County, Kentucky. Where coal is king and county music reigns supreme. Where hunting, fishing, camping and religion are equal parts of daily life. But what of those whose interests stray from the region’s norm? What if Horror, Heavy Metal and Wrestling just feel more natural? For native sons Aaron Frye and Wes Vance, bored with the endless routine of country music and hunting, they decided to give voice to their real passion in life, Horror movies, and created Deadpit.com. Taking the monikers of The Creepy Kentuckian (Wes Vance) and Uncle Bill (Aaron Frye) , they reach out, via the internet, to others around the world who share their passion.

This backwoods duo surprises with a kind of savvy that has sent shock waves up through the corporate gatekeepers who have long stood between filmmakers and their audience. But Uncle Bill and The Creepy Kentuckian aren’t political. They just want to see Horror movies that don’t suck.

Take a journey into the heart of America with Deadpit.com and its legion of rabid fans. These connoisseurs of carnage cheer on the sidelines as Uncle Bill and The Creepy Kentuckian battle it out with the makers of re-makes and the producers of the over-produced franchise Horror flick.

“Into the Pit” shows the unique way Deadpit.com has connected with fans and filmmakers to celebrate the gory bliss of great Horror movies.

Hot damn, check out the trailer below and don’t forget to check out the INTO THE PIT site and the DEADPIT site.  Can’t wait for this one to come out!

“Tater Sack Jason” In Friday Remake?

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According to Bloody Disgusting, we’re going to be seeing “Tater Sack Jason”(phrasing coined by the Deadpit Boys) in the new Friday the 13th remake in addition to your standard hockey mask wearing, zombie-esque, psycho serial killer.  I’m not entirely sure why they’re even calling this “film” a remake though, because Jason wasn’t even really IN the first one except in some (spoiler) weirdo dream sequence as he popped up out of the lake as a little messed up looking kid.  This seems like a new Friday movie to me and I think they should just market it as that instead of a “remake.”  I mean, what are they remaking?  Kids in the woods getting killed by Jason?  If that’s a remake, then the Friday franchise was just one remake after another.  Hell…at least he’s not in space.
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