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I’m sure you’ve all seen this by now, boils and ghouls, but in case you’ve missed it, check it out!


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If you’re not excited about the upcoming Frank Darabont/Robert Kirkman mini-series THE WALKING DEAD… WHY THE FUCK NOT!?!?! Unless maybe YOU’RE dead, in which case, if you’re dead and reading this…bad-ASS! THE WALKING DEAD hits AMC on All Hallows, October 31st. I’ll be out stealing little kids’ Halloween Candy by force, but I’ll be sure to be home in time for all the creamy zombie goodness! Check Check Check it out!


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Hey there boils ‘n ghouls.  As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t updated BACKWOODSHORROR.COM for a while now.  This is because, well, my prized MacBook had an unfortunate, let’s say, run-in with a glass of Chocolate Milk that may or may not have had a large quantity of alcohol within it’s murky, yet delicious depths.  The tasty beverage somehow came into contact with the motherboard of said beautiful machine and, well, that’s all she wrote.  I lost the most recent Backwoods Horrorshow and a computer I absolutely adored.  I’ll have to get another, so, until then, expect updates to be somewhat more sporadic than usual.  I’ll probably have to use my work lappy, as I’m doing now.  I have some reviews to put up at some point in the very near future, including one for Rob Zombie’s latest epic, Halloween 2, which, I may add, I actually enjoyed from a certain standpoint.

My apologies.

Please say a prayer as my beloved MacBook passes through those dark gates in the forest of the dead to find peace with its forbears…crying is acceptable as well.  COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF TEARS, PEOPLE!!!

I may have to replace it with a PC, which, really, makes me feel a little sick, but it’s cheaper and I just don’t have the cash right now for another MacBook…which, well, I got for free the first time.

See you all in the land of horror very soon!