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I’m not the first, nor will I be the last to say, well, this movie looks like stirfry shit on toast with shit on the side!  Good GAWD it looks awful.  Other than all that, I’ll reserve my opinions till I see it.  Below is a trailer if you want to see it, which you might, so here it is…

Thanks to ShockTillYouDrop.


From Shock Till You Drop:

An official pic from the long-awaited (by some, anyway) follow up to Eli Roth’s CABIN FEVER, CABIN FEVER 2: SPRING FEVER, has surfaced.  Take a look!



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So how did I miss this little nugget of horrorific goodness?  Ti West of ROOST fame and Larry Fessenden’s protege has gone about the task of working on (and just completing) HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and (still in production hell) CABIN FEVER 2.  While I’m not so excited by the prospect of another Cabin Fever, and though I was only partially impressed with THE ROOST, I’m happy to say that I am actually looking forward to his work on the upcoming HOUSE OF THE DEVIL.  Not much is out and about on the mighty internets about this flick just now, but from what I HAVE found, it has my interest piqued.

The synopsis is as follows:
In the 1980s, college student Samantha Hughes takes a strange babysitting job that coincides with a full lunar eclipse. She slowly realizes her clients harbor a terrifying secret they plan to use her in a satanic ritual.

Sweeeeeeeet.  It’s been a long time since we’ve had a movie that dealt with Satanism in a fantastically eploitative way, and I for one, think it’s long overdue.  Images are also scarce, though you can find a whole slew of them over at Bloody Disgusting, along with an interview with the man himself, Ti West.  Check it out!