Posted on 1st September 2008 by aaron in News - Tags: , ,

Ok, I’m not entirely sure how this one slipped by me, but the new fright flick from JT PETTY, THE BURROWERS, just had a trailer hit the intarwebz.  According to the boys over at Bloody Disgusting, the plot is as follows:

After a family is brutally murdered in their home, a group of ranchers and infantry men embark on a crusade to find the killers. When a mysterious killer attacks their ranks, they discover that carnivorous creatures are hiding beneath the surface of the earth waiting to feed on their flesh.

I know, I know, kind of vague, so check below for the trailer and some wicked cool concept art.

For some reason, I can’t get TREMORS 4 out of my head…  Click on the Concept Art below for some cool stills over at Bloody Disgusting.