Sorry for the delay folks, but the Backwoods Horrorshow is alive and kickin’. I’ve just been a little under the weather.  In this episode we talk about the latest news that matters (i.e., news on my site and a few on some others like my favourite SHOCK TILL YOU DROP). We also review the flicks BRAIN DEAD(aka DEAD ALIVE), 28 DAYS LATER, and a new favourite of mine, STREET TRASH (look for a written review soon, but, you could skip that and just listen to the show).  So check out THE BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW SEASON 01, EPISODE 06.  You can listen to it in your web browser or download it directly from the link above, right click and “save as” boils ‘n ghouls. Now I need to figure out the fucking xml code to get it up on itunes. Fuck doing that every time we do a show. That really blows ass.  Anyhoo, keep it creepy!