Finally, at long last, the much anticipated (especially by me) WILD MAN OF THE NAVIDAD is coming to DVD.  You’ll be getting a review of the film right here on BACKWOODS HORROR very soon.  Below are the DVD specs and some new art (including the packaging art) along with a brand new IFC trailer.  CHECK IT OUT!!!

But first, a quick synopsis for those of you who may not be aware of this indie gem:

In 1975, the small town of Sublime, Texas had an encounter with a creature so horrifying that it remains legend today: Deep in the woods along the Navidad River, someone – or something – has left its lair to rip a trail of ferocious carnage through the local population. Is it man, monster or Lone Star myth? And in a rural community commanded by the Bible, corrupted by moonshine and ruled by rifles, can anything stop the vengeance of a beast unleashed?

Wild Man poster

Wild Man DVD Case

Here are the Special Features:

  • Audio commentary by directors Duane Graves and Justin Meeks
  • Behind the Screams documentary
  • Introduction by producer Kim Henkel
  • Director Meet and Greet featurette
  • Character Study featurette
  • Preproduction footage
  • “The Hypostatic Union” featurette
  • Trailer