One of my New Year Resolutions was to update more on  Though I’ve been slow to it, I’m building up steam as I look forward to a new kickass year in Horror.  January was so friggin’ awesome that visitors KILLED MY BANDWIDTH!  And I’m not using a tiny little pissant bit of bandwidth, either, so thanks for kickin’ ass!  As the year progresses, I have some plans that I hope can come to some form of fruition.  Easiest will be to start THE BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW Podcast back up, perhaps with a bit more technical flair.  I also plan (we’ll see which way the money train goes) to work on producing HORRORSHOW, a video-cast about all things horror.  The latter is a bit ambitious, but I want to take BackwoodsHorror in a more high-octane direction.



Hey there, guys ‘n gals.  Just wanted to be sure to remind you to check out the podcast THE BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW.  You can find a link to it on the right or subscribe via iTunes.  We update it somewhat irregularly, but I’m lookin’ to rectify that situation relatively soon as I settle into my groove with my new job.  Thanks for visiting the site!



I know, I know, I haven’t been keeping up with the site as much as I should be.  Getting acclimated to the new job has been more than a handful, but rest assured boils and ghouls, big plans are in store for BACKWOODS HORRROR.  Within the next few days, expect a full review of the new DELUXE EDITIONS of FRIDAY THE 13th IV, V, and VI, and a review for the horror/western THE BURROWERS, along with a slew of independent horror releases.  THE BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW will be coming back soon…WITH A VENGEANCE, and I have been working out plans to turn it into a video production, making it, with any luck, the first real kickass video horrorshow on the ‘net.  Along with everything else, I’m working towards redesigning the site a bit and getting away from the plain jane that we’ve all come to know and love, moving towards more of a bloody, backwoods feel more in the, ahem, vein of what I’m trying to do here.  So peel off your eyelids because you ain’t gonna wanna miss what I have in store for YOU!


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Sorry for the delay in updates fellow boils ‘n ghouls!  Backwoods Horror has switched servers and it took a while to get everything back up and running correctly.  Expect your delicious dose of creepy horror radness to get back to speed starting…well…probably later today!  Also, I haven’t heard back from Rev3 about THE BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW *THE VIDEO SHOW* as far as helping towards putting that together, so, in the next few months, I plan on doing it all myself.  Look forward to something along those lines in time for THIS HALLOWEEN!!!  I just scored a new job, too, so I’ll be attempting to go to a few horror conventions this year, so expect coverage and, perhaps, INTERVIEWS!  A new episode of THE BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW (maybe 2 of ’em) will be coming down the line soon as well so clean the blood outta yer ears, ’cause it’s COMING…HARD!  Heh…

Keep it Creepy!


Though we recorded this episode a couple of weeks ago, I’m just now getting it up on the site (AND iTUNES…SUBSCRIBE).  My apologies for the delay (and I still need to get that iTunes Description right), but, at last, in all it’s glory, the FIRST EPISODE of the SECOND SEASON of THE BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW.

You can either click on the link above to listen in your browser, right click and “save as” to download it, or subscribe to THE BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW on iTunes for updates automatically.




Sorry for the delay folks, but the Backwoods Horrorshow is alive and kickin’. I’ve just been a little under the weather.  In this episode we talk about the latest news that matters (i.e., news on my site and a few on some others like my favourite SHOCK TILL YOU DROP). We also review the flicks BRAIN DEAD(aka DEAD ALIVE), 28 DAYS LATER, and a new favourite of mine, STREET TRASH (look for a written review soon, but, you could skip that and just listen to the show).  So check out THE BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW SEASON 01, EPISODE 06.  You can listen to it in your web browser or download it directly from the link above, right click and “save as” boils ‘n ghouls. Now I need to figure out the fucking xml code to get it up on itunes. Fuck doing that every time we do a show. That really blows ass.  Anyhoo, keep it creepy!


The BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW Season 01 Episode 05 is up for your audio horror consumption.  In this episode we go over some of the latest horror news and review 3 flicks: Hatchet, Dead & Breakfast, and Home Sick. The was another unscripted show, so once again you’ll also get a healthy portion of crazy ramblings.  Check it out!


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Tomorrow/Today I’ll be reading up on how to get this show up on iTunes to further spread the audible terror of the Backwoods Horrorshow!

Thanks for listening!


The new BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW is up for your auditory joy!  This is a little late as it’s supposed to be the HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR! This one was completely unscripted, but we stay on task…for the most part…heh.  Jessika shows up for a second or two, we talk about moonshine, and of course, horror galore! In this episode, we review the series SUPERNATURAL, TRUE BLOOD, and the new release TRAILER PARK OF TERROR and others.  We also talk about our fondest Halloween Memories.  Check it out!

THE BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW (right click and click “save as,” or listen to it in your browser)

Owen working on the Technical Aspects of THE BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW


The new episode of The Backwoods Horrorshow is up for your downloading pleasure.  Two things, the audio kind of weirded out on us this time and I was sick while recording it, so, not the best one so far, but we’re learning.  My GirlFriend Jessika makes an appearance, as does my dog Rascal.  Ha.  In this one, we talk about Haunted Trails, Zombie Tools, some news and Reviews of Swamp Devil, The Deadly Spawn, The Outlaw Josey Wales, and The Strangers.  Check it out!  You can listen to it in your browser or right click and “save as” to download it.  Enjoy.


The Backwoods Horrorshow episode 2 is up and ready for your downloading goodness.  Click on the link if you want to listen to it in your browser, or right click and click “save link as” to download it to your comprutah, you know, if you want to listen to it on your ipod or whatever mp3 device you use.  Check it out!