Source: Shock Till You Drop

I hadn’t really heard much about the Exorcist-meets-Blair Witch flick COTTON.  I happened upon this little story while browsing Shock Till You Drop:

Lionsgate has picked up the US distribution rights for the Eli Roth produced horror thriller The Last Exorcism (formally titled Cotton).

Helmed by German director Daniel Stamm, the cinema-verite style pic stars Patrick Fabian as a troubled evangelical minister who allows his final exorcism to be filmed by a documentary crew. (It’s the “found footage” formula with an exorcism.)

“It’s always great to work with our friend Eli, who has played a key role in establishing Lionsgate in the vanguard of the horror genre,” said Jason Constantine, Lionsgate’s prexy of acquisitions and co-productions. “The Last Exorcism feels as close to a real exorcism as anyone would ever want to get — audiences are going to find this movie scary as, well, hell.”

The Last Exorcism will premiere next month at SXSW in Austin, Texas. We’ll keep you posted on an official release date as soon as one is locked down.

With any luck, Eli Roth hasn’t tainted this flick by producing it.  I’d hate to see a director fail because his film wasn’t the way Lionsgate’s “good friend Eli” wanted it to turn out (i.e. shitcakes).


From Bloody Good Horror:


Sad news today that veteran actor Lou Perryman passed away on April 1st.

Known as a long time collaborator with Tobe Hooper, Perryman was best known as L.G. from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2″ as well as behind the camera work on many films such as “Poltergeist”, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “The Blues Brothers”, “Boys Don’t Cry” and many others. Perryman has been a long time resident of South Austin, Texas.

To make the situation even more grave, Austin local news has brought forth new information that Perryman may in fact have been a victim of foul play.

A South Austin neighborhood is on edge after police discover a body inside a small home. Now a man is behind bars in connection with that murder, after he reportedly showed up at the Travis County Justice complex with information that led police to the crime scene.

The story does not identify Perlman as the victim, but his daughter has already taken to her Facebook page announcing her father’s death, as well as confirmed to the horror site linked above that her father was the victim in the above mentioned story. Nothing is official at this point and no charges have been filed, but all signs are starting to point in the same direction.

You have got to be fucking shitting me.  Really?  What the FUCK kind of world do we live in where some piece of motherfucking shit goes and kills L.G.?  MOTHER FUCK!!!  It’s a good thing it’s Texas because I want that fucker to fucking FRY!  Torture the fucker first.  What the fuck, man.  This is just…it’s too fucking much.

You’ll be missed, man.