If you’re anything like me, when the original BOOK OF THE DEAD editions of THE EVIL DEAD, and EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN hit shelves, you were first in line to rush out and add them to your collection, giving them their own particular place amongst your shelf as the works of art they are. And then we waited for what we believed to be the next in the series with ARMY OF DARKNESS, but it never came. For years we’ve waited, our hopes and dreams waning as the years went on. Finally, however, the wait is over. Australian distribution company Via Vision is pleased to announce the release of Sam Raimi’s ARMY OF DARKNESS: THE NECRONOMICON EDITION for $49.95 (totally worth it) as a triple-disc DVD and Blu-Ray set on June 6th, 2012. And yes, boils ‘n ghouls, I’m crapping myself with anticipation.

For more information about perhaps the most fantastically awesome news I’ve heard all year, we turn to Australian source Michael DVD:

The boxed set that boasts the third and final instalment of the much beloved Evil Dead film cycle, Army
of Darkness: The Necronomicon contains both versions of Army of Darkness (Theatrical and irector’s Cut), a litany of special features and comes packaged in a one-off deluxe presentation. In addition to the high definition original theatrical release offered on Blu-ray this volume also includes DVD versions of the theatrical and director’s cut, 12 hand drawn pages from the Book of the Dead and extras all housed in a collectable rubber Necronomicon pack. Bonus materials are many and include original drawings, documentary, ‘Creating the Deadites’, which explores the creation of the ground breaking visual effects, alternate ending, deleted scenes and audio commentary with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell who also provide comments and recollections for the director’s cut and deleted scenes.

“This is a great event with which Via Vision is naturally excited to be associated with,” says Nick
Wayman, Via Vision Entertainment Executive. “The release is packed with materials that make this a
must have for fans who love the Evil Dead trilogy, action and horror buffs and collectors of modern
film classics.” Via Vision will be releasing Army of Darkness: The Necronomicon through its distributor Madman Entertainment, and it will be available at retailers everywhere. 

This is going right at the TOP of my WANT IT NOW list! Be sure to check back here at Backwoods Horror as more information and specifications develop on this incredible release. Wow!


Dubbed the “Screwhead Edition,” an Army of Darkness Blu-Ray will be coming to us soon now that rights for the film have reverted back to Universal.  This from Shock Till You Drop:

Now that the rights for Army of Darkness have reverted back to Universal (from Anchor Bay Entertainment), its home video division has announced a Blu-Ray “Screwhead Edition” for May 19th. Special features will include the alternate ending, deleted scenes, The Men Behind the Army featurette, extra footage, theatrical trailer and audio commentary with director Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Ivan Raimi. Exclusive to Blu-Ray: My Scenes, BD-Live and the ability to access production photos during the movie experience.

Another reason for me to look towards finally getting a Blu-Ray player.  I just have this…issue with Blu-Ray discs, the quality of the image onscreen.  Sometimes it looks like crystal clear film, absolutely stunning, and then, at times, it looks as though a high definition soap opera of sorts.  It’s weird how the image switches back and forth and absolutely ruins the viewing experience for me.  I’m not sure if it’s like this with older films, as I’ve only seen newer films in Blu-Ray.  We’ll see.  Wave of the Future and all that.